Alien Species Black Mercy

Black Mercy

Black Mercy

Black Mercy
Black Mercy
Nick Name
Origin Galaxy
Star System
Space Sector 2261

Matris Ater Clementia

Note: Matris Ater Clementia is known as the Black Mercy Planet.


Mother Mercy

Note: The Black Mercy are the spore offspring of Matris Ater Clementia also known as Mother Mercy.

Group Affiliation

Black Mercy

Employed by Mongul.

Mother Mercy

Green Lantern Corps

Base of Operations
Body Type
Average Height
~1.5 ' wide
Average Weight
Average Eye Type & Color
Average Hair Type & Color
Average Skin Type & Tone
Known Powers

Alien plant life which binds itself to victims supplanting their minds and creating elaborate dream fantasies to keep them docile and feed off of their bio-aura.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Green Lantern Vol. 2

Green Lantern Corps

First Appearance
Superman An. #11 (1985)
Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

On an unnamed planet dwelled a creature in the ocean deep that gave life to the planet and the planet gave life to it. When an alien craft crashed in the planet's ocean a wounded alien struggled to shore with no hope of survival. Detecting the alien's pain the creature that would become known as Matris Ater Clementia broke the surface of the water and merged the alien with herself transmitting thoughts of euphoria into the alien's mind to ease his pain. After the alien's death Matris could feel the pain of others emanating across the void of space. Planting herself into the earth she spawned spores that would become known as the Black Mercy, which would leave their native planet in a quest of easing the suffering of others without hope. To feed the cycle of new spores, sustenance needed to be found; to solve this dilemma the dead were brought back to the planet to nourish it with their flesh and blood.

When the Black Mercy Planet was discovered by the galactic tyrant Mongul, Matris concealed her sentient nature to ensure her quest of mercy. Mongul returned to the planet repeatedly to harvest the Black Mercy eventually utilizing the plant in a plot of revenge against Superman on his birthday. Anonymously sent, the plant lay dormant until the Man of Steel opened his gift and was assaulted - sending him into a docile state while the plant feed on the Kryptonian's bio-aura. It was with the intervention of Wonder Woman, Batman and the second Robin that the threat was neutralized and turned back upon Mogul when Robin affixed the parasite to the tyrant's chest.

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