Animal Man
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Bernhard "Buddy" Baker


Animal-Rights Activist

Religious Leader


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States
Group Affiliation

Forgotten Heroes

Justice League International

Base of Operations
5' 11" - varies
170 lbs. - varies
Eye Color
Blue - varies
Hair Color
Blond - varies
Known Powers

Normal human being with the ability to access a morphogenic field known as the Lifeweb which enables him to take on the attributes of any animal that has ever lived upon the surface of the Earth (i.e. fly like a bird, swim underwater like a fish, regenerate body parts like certain reptiles) and possibly other planets via their own morphogenic fields.

Abilities extend to being able to communicate with other animals and focus the energies of the morphogenic field as power blast.

Common Enemies

B'wana Beast

Mirror Master II

Psycho-Pirate II

Shining Man

Regularly Appearing

Animal Man Vol. 1

Strange Adventures Vol. 1

First Appearance
Strange Adventures Vol. 1 #180 (Sept. 1965)
Dave Wood & Carmine Infantino


Movie stuntman Buddy Baker investigated an alien spacecraft that crashed to Earth. Exposed to extraterrestrial radiation he gained the ability to absorb the attributes of any animal he came into close contact with. Using his new found powers Buddy Baker became the accidental hero known as Animal Man.

Post Crisis

On a solitary hunting trip Buddy Baker was captured by and experimented upon by extraterrestrials. His body was rebuilt and bound to a mystical morphogenic field which gave him a link to all of Earth's animals. He soon discovered he could absorb the abilities of any animal in his immediate vicinity.

Never desiring to become a hero Baker was compelled to be involved in the plight of the natural world and assumed the identity of the activist known as Animal Man.

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