Arsenal III

Red Arrow


Nick Name
Civilian ID
Roy Harper Jr.


Espionage Agent

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States
Group Affiliation

All-Star Squadron

Arrow Family


Justice League

Outsiders II

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Teen Titans


Base of Operations

New York, New York

Star City, California

5' 11"
195 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with above average strength, stamina and agility for a man of his age.

Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant with skills as a longbow marksman.

Above average intelligence with skills as a government law enforcement agent.


Long Bow: Weapon utilizing a wide variety of arrows with tips employing; explosions, knockout gas, smoke and traps.

Hand held weaponry including knives, guns and bolas.

Common Enemies


Deathstroke the Terminator


Vandal Savage

Regularly Appearing

Arsenal Vol. 1

Green Arrow Vol. 2

Outsiders Vol. 3

Teen Titans Vol. 1

Titans Vol. 1

First Appearance
More Fun Comics Vol. 1 #73 (Nov. 1941)
Mort Weisinger & Paul Norris


Roy Harper was raised by a Sioux Indian named Brave Bow, who became the boys guardian after his father Will Harper was killed in an avalanche.

Brave Bow taught Harper to become a fine archer, surpassing even his own skills. Near death Harper's guardian sent the boy away to find a new mentor. Having heard of the emerald archer known as the Green Arrow, Harper resolved to become his student. Proving his skills by assisting in the apprehension of a gang of criminals by puncturing their car tire with an arrow. Impressed with the young man's skills and quickness with the longbow Green Arrow dubbed him Speedy.


Roy Harper is raised by his father's American Indian servant Quoag, after their plane crashes on the remote Lost Mesa in the southwest American desert, killing his father and stranding the boy and his companion.

Quoag raises Harper and teaches him to use the longbow for hunting. When New York museum curator Oliver Queen is ambushed by thieves, while on a exploration mission for Indian artifacts, he is joined by the young Harper and Quoag. The battle results in Quoag being killed by the thieves, with Harper and Queen seeking refuge in a cave. In the cave they discover a golden idol, which is toppled, killing their would-be murderers. The two decide to join forces as the Green Arrow and Speedy.

When Harper matured he later joined the United States secret services assuming the name Arsenal.

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