Nick Name
Civilian ID
Kathy Kane


Circus Acrobat

Crime Fighter


Stunt Cyclist

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Batman Family
Base of Operations
Gotham City
5' 6"
125 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers
Normal human with excellent acrobatic, motorcyclist and hand to hand combat skills.

Bat-Purse: Shoulder bag containing a vast array of offensive and defensive devices including sneezing powder puffs, tear gas perfume, expandable high-tensile hair-net, smoke bomb lipstick and a periscope lipstick case. Strap of bag is a detachable bola and wrist bracelets were disguised handcuffs.

Batcycle: Motorcycle modified for performing circus stunts.

Common Enemies

Bronze Tiger

Rās al Ghūl

Regularly Appearing

Batman Vol. 1

Detective Comics Vol. 1

First Appearance

Detective Comics #233 (July, 1956)

Note: There were two pre-crisis Batwomen, one of Earth-1 and Earth-2.

Batwoman of Earth-2 retired her crime-fighting career and became a prominent citizen of Gotham City.

Batwoman of Earth-1 met a more tragic fate. She briefly retired and shortly after donning the costume again was murdered by Bronze Tiger as a ploy in the struggle between Rās al Ghūl and the League of Assassins.

Both Batwomen were omitted from history during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ed Hamilton & Sheldon Moldoff

A circus stunt-cyclist and trapeze artist Kathy Kane long admired the Batman. Receiving a considerable inheritance she decided to become a costumed crime fighter patterned after her idol. She constructed a mansion atop of an abandoned mine tunnel, filling it with a state-of-the-art crime-lab, constructed a Batcycle, designed a costume and embarked on a career as Batwoman.

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