Black Orchid
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Susan "Suzy" Linden-Thorne


Crime Fighter

Vegas Cards Dealer

Legal Status
Deceased Citizen of the United States.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States
Group Affiliation
Suicide Squad
Base of Operations
5' 8"
Eye Color
Violet, changes with will.
Hair Color
Violet, changes with will.
Known Powers

Human plant hybrid with superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability with an ability to fly capable of reincarnation by mental transference to host bodies growing in stasis.

A master of disguise capable of altering her appearance and voice.


Disguises: Mask and wigs used to disguise herself to infiltrate criminal organizations.

"Sisters": Human plant hybrids which can be inhabited by Black Orchid's conscious.

Common Enemies
Lex Luthor
Regularly Appearing

Adventure Comics Vol. 1

Black Orchid Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance
Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #428 (Aug. 1973)
Sheldon Mayer & Tony DeZuniga

A brilliant botanist, Dr. Phil Sylvian dreamed of creating a new form of life that would live in a symbiosis with the earth, that dream would come true when his childhood love Susan Linden would return to his life and then be violently stolen away.

Susan Linden had lived a rough life. She ran away from a physically and sexually abusive father and became involved with an abusive an criminal husband as a means to escape her own criminal embezzlement of a Vegas casino. She eventually left her husband and was going to testify against him, when he killed her.

Dr. Sylvian took Susan's genetic material and used it as the blueprint for his human-plant hybrids. Either from a sense of vengeance or a desire for justice, the reborn Susan became an avenger against the criminal world known as the Black Orchid.

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