Damage I
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Grant Emerson
Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
New York, New York
Group Affiliation

Freedom Fighters

Justice Society


Base of Operations
New York, New York
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Biologically engineered human with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability; capable of generating and harnessing nuclear energy to create explosive blasts or propulsion for limited flight.

Note: Damage's ability to generate fusion power is cumulative and increases his mass and size as it accumulates. After dispensing with stored fusion power his body has to rebuild its stockpile.

Note: Although the son of Al Pratt (Atom I), Grant Emerson's DNA has been altered with the addition of DNA from several other metahumans and adventurers including.

Common Enemies

Vandal Savage

Regularly Appearing

Damage Vol. 1

Justice Society of America Vol. 2

New Titans Vol. 1

Titans Vol. 1

First Appearance
Damage Vol. 1 #1 (April, 1994)
Tom Joyner & Bill Marimon

After World War II, German biogeneticist Klaus Schimmel was brought to America, under the identity of Egrin Wahrman, to continue the research which created the Nazi super-soldier Baron Blitzkrieg.

Failing to create results, Wahrman's government funding was eliminated and lingered until Vandal Savage became his secret financier and Wahrman founded the Symbolix Corporation. Providing Wahrman with the genetic material of several members of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, Vandal Savage was well on his way to creating an instrument of revenge.

After successfully creating DNA which would carry the metagene, Vandal Savage abducted a donor whose biology would be receptive to the genetic manipulation - the recently pregnant Mary Pratt, wife of the superhero known as the Atom, Al Pratt.

After his birth, the child was left in the care of Symbolix employee John Emerson and his family, and the boy was named Grant. When the young Emerson was still a child, Vandal Savage acquired the genetic material of several Justice League members which were grafted upon the boy's DNA.

At age 16, Grant's powers began to manifest and Symbolix killed the Emersons attempting to collect him, but he escaped to join the Titans, who helped him learn control over his powers as the explosive Damage.

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