Nick Name
Civilian ID
Boston Brand

Circus Acrobat

Wandering Spirit

Legal Status
Deceased citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Sentinels of Magic

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Base of Operations
6' - now without mass
200 lbs. - now weightless
Eye Color
Blue - now white
Hair Color
Black - now bald
Known Powers

Normal human being with skills as an acrobat and boxer; now a disembodied spirit with the power to temporarily inhabit the bodies of living beings or the recently deceased, taking complete control of their actions.

Note: As a spirit Brand is invisible to all but other spirits or individuals with strong supernatural abilities.

Common Enemies

(The) Hook


League of Assassins


Regularly Appearing

Action Comics Vol. 1

DC Challenge! Vol. 1

Deadman Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Deadman: Dead Again Vol. 1

Deadman: Exorcism Vol. 1

Deadman: Love After Death Vol. 1

Strange Adventures Vol. 1

First Appearance
Strange Adventures Vol. 1 #205 (Oct. 1966)
Arnold Drake & Carmine Infantino

An unusual circus performer, Boston Brand thrilled audiences costumed as the garishly garbed and gruesome acrobat Deadman.

During a performance, Brand was assassinated by a rifleman with a steel hook for his right hand.

Despite his death, his spirit lived on as a gift from the deity Rama Kushna 'face of the universe' for his many kind deeds performed in life. The goddess promised Brand that his spirit would live until he was able to bring his killer to justice.

Following his killer around the world, Brand's quest lead him to the hidden lair of the League of Assassins, where he learned his death was nothing more than an initiation for the assassin known as the Hook.

Before Brand could reap his revenge, his killer was murdered by the league's leader, Sensei. Denied personal vengeance, Brand bargained with Rama Kushna to allow his spirit to live. In trade, he would become a balancing force between good and evil until his soul was satisfied. That time has yet to come, and he wanders, dedicated to the cause of justice as a true Deadman.

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