Dr. Mid-Nite II
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Dr. Pieter Anton Cross



Legal Status
Naturalized citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Sogndal, Norway
Group Affiliation
Justice Society
Base of Operations

New York, New York

Portsmouth, Washington

5' 10"
175 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Chemical enhancement and blinding light resulting in an ability to see into the low frequency light spectrum, but resulting in blindness to normal light without the aid of infrared filtered glasses.

Excellent hand-to-hand combat skills.

Genius level intelligence with skills in surgery and medicine.


Filtered Glasses: Eye-wear enabling sight in lighted environments.

Utility Belt: Device containing a vast array of offensive and defensive weapons and tools equipped with blackout bombs which are capable of casting a field of total darkness.

Utility Gauntlets: Voice activated devices containing a vast array of offensive and defensive weapons and tools.

Hooty: Trained Owl.

Common Enemies

Endless Winter

Injustice Society

Johnny Sorrow

King Kobra

(The) Shadower II

Terrible Trio

Regularly Appearing

Dr. Mid-Nite Vol. 1

JSA Vol. 1

First Appearance
Doctor Mid-Nite Vol. 1 #1 (Mar. 1999)
Matt Wagner & John K. Snyder III

A child prodigy Pieter Cross received his medical degree while still in his teenage years. Cross soon started practicing medicine but became frustrated with the limitations of modern medicine and decided to dabble in the unorthodox. This was soon discovered by his colleagues which led him to be forced from medical circles. He continued to treat patients with both conventional and unconventional methods using his wealth, talent and a network of contacts to provide health care to a wide range of patients.

Cross was investigating a dangerous mutagenic steroid being sold in his home city of Portsmouth which caused its users to become both extremely powerful but psychotic. Getting close to the source of the drugs, a cartel know as the Terrible Trio; Cross was captured and forcibly administered the drug which interacted with other chemicals in his bloodstream producing unexpected results. During his escape, Cross was injured in a blinding explosion which would enable him to see into the infrared spectrum, but left him blind in normal light. Creating special light-filtered goggles Cross was able to regain his normal vision.

In honor of the original World War II mystery man who saved his mother from a band of murderous thieves, Cross become the new Dr. Mid-Nite.

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