Enemy Ace
Nick Name
Hammer of Hell
Civilian ID
Baron Hans Von Hammer
Baron Fighter Pilot
Legal Status
Deceased citizen of Germany with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Castle Von Hammer, Germany
Group Affiliation

German Army

Jagdstaffel 17 (Hunting Squadron)

Base of Operations
5' 11"
160 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with quick reflexes trained as a fighter pilot.

Exceptional fighter pilot and hand-to-hand combatant.


Fokker DR-1 Tri-Plane: German made single rotary engine propeller driven military combat plane "dogfighter" with three wings, equipped with two forward facing machine guns with an intercepting gear designed to fire bullets through the propeller arc without hitting the blades.

Note: the Fokker DR-1 (DR abbreviated for dreidecker, the German word for three wings) was made famous during World War 1 by Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron. The plane's three wing design was reputed for its ability to gain altitude and a deadly maneuverability in the hands of an experienced pilot.

German Military Weaponry and Aircraft

Common Enemies
American, British and French Air Forces
Regularly Appearing

Enemy Ace: War Idyll Vol. 1

Enemy Ace: War in Heaven Vol. 1

Our Army at War Vol. 1

Star Spangled Comics Vol. 1

Star Spangled War Stories Vol. 1

First Appearance
Our Army at War Vol. 1 #151 (Feb. 1965)
Robert Kanigher & Joe Kubert

Member of an aristocratic German family, Baron Hans Von Hammer was one of the first to enlist into service during the early days of World War I. Graduating from the flight academy with honors he was quickly awarded the rank of Rittmeister of Jagdstaffel 17.

An exceptional fighter pilot with an unprecedented 70+ kills during World War I, he was reputed for his strict code of honor. He refused to shoot an unarmed or wounded foe, believing to do so would be murder and not combat.

Those who faced him in combat rarely lived to tell of the warrior known as the Enemy Ace.

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