Nick Name
Civilian ID
Lorraine Reilly



Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
New York
Group Affiliation
Suicide Squad
Base of Operations

New York, New York

Washington, DC

5' 7"
120 lbs.
Eye Color
Blue - Powers Red
Hair Color
Red - Powers Translucent
Known Powers

Radioactively altered human capable of transforming herself into a form possessing the ability to manipulate nuclear energy in the form of "atomic fire" which enables her to fly and generate great heat.

Common Enemies



Regularly Appearing
Fury of Firestorm Vol. 1
First Appearance

Lorraine Reilly

Fury of Firestorm Vol. 1 #1 (June, 1982)


Fury of Firestorm Vol. 1 #17 (Oct. 1983)

Gerry Conway & Pat Broderick

The daughter of the junior senator from New York, Lorraine Reilly was abducted by Multiplex on behalf of his employer, Henry Hewitt. Held as a hostage to force Senator Walter Reilly to vote for a bill that would grant Hewitt Industries a virtual monopoly on nuclear power research, Lorraine Reilly was subjected to experiments that would duplicate the nuclear accident that created Firestorm. Mentally conditioned by Hewitt, Reilly forgot who she was and her will was usurped to serve the criminal industrialist's commands.

Attacking Firestorm, Reilly was defeated and knocked unconscious by the Nuclear Man. When she awoke she had reverted to her normal human form and regained her memories. Later she once again faced Hewitt, now transformed into the superhuman Tokamak. Reilly and her father facing death, she transformed herself once again, becoming the heroic Firehawk.

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