Firestorm I
Nick Name
The Nuclear Man
Civilian ID

Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond

Note: Raymond when transforming into Firestorm was originally bound to physicist Dr. Martin Stein.


Ronnie Raymond



Dr. Martin Stein




Legal Status

Ronnie Raymond

Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Dr. Martin Stein

Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin

Ronnie Raymond

United States

Dr. Martin Stein

United States

Group Affiliation

Justice League

Power Company

Base of Operations

New York, New York

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Firestorm I: 6' 2"

Ronnie Raymond: 6' 1"

Dr. Martin Stein: 5' 10"


Firestorm I: 200 lbs.

Ronnie Raymond: 180 lbs.

Dr. Martin Stein: 160 lbs.

Eye Color

Firestorm I: White

Ronnie Raymond: Blue

Dr. Martin Stein: Brown

Hair Color

Firestorm I: Flame

Ronnie Raymond: Brown

Dr. Martin Stein: Gray

Known Powers

Radioactively altered humans capable of fussing into one superhuman being with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability capable of altering his own density, flight, projecting bolts of radioactive energy and rearranging the molecular bonds of inorganic material.

Note: When Raymond and Dr. Stein merged, Raymond was in control of Firestorm because he was conscious during the accident that created the merger. Although not controlling the actions of Firestorm Dr. Stein offered his advise on matters of physics to Raymond.

Common Enemies

Black Bison


Killer Frost I

Killer Frost II




Regularly Appearing

Firestorm Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Fury of Firestorm Vol. 1

Justice League of America Vol. 1

First Appearance
Firestorm Vol. 1 #1 (March, 1978)
Gerry Conway & Al Milgrom

Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Martin Stein designed a fully automated nuclear power plant. Stein was accused of espionage by his former assistant Dr. Danton Black (Multiplex), and the government forbid the power plant's operation until the investigation was complete.

Determined to begin operation of the power plant Stein circumvented the government injunction. Simultaneously an anti-nuclear rally, attended by high-school student Ronnie Raymond, was in progress. Raymond learned that friend and fellow protester Edward Earhart planned to detonate a bomb in the plant, and attempted to stop him. Along with Dr. Stein, Raymond was rendered unconscious by his Earhart who left them to die in the ensuing explosion. Reviving mere moments before the explosion Raymond and the unconscious Stein were exposed to unprecedented amounts of radiation fusing them into the elemental being known as Firestorm the Nuclear Man.

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