Flash of the 27th Century

Flash of the 853rd Century

Nick Name
Flash of Two Futures
Civilian ID
Jonathan Robert "John" Fox


Planetary Guardian

Tachyon Physicist

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States of the 27th Century with a temporal criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Keystone or Central City of the 27th Century.
Group Affiliation

Flash Family

Justice Legion A

Base of Operations

Mercury of the 853rd Century

Note: Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and revolves in the opposite direction of all the other planets.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Black with White streak
Known Powers

Tachyon enhanced ability to tap into the energy known as the Speed Force to achieve speeds just short of light-speed; lend speed to or borrow speed from moving objects, create objects of concentrated Speed Force energy, become intangible by vibrating molecular mass, perform both limited time and inter-dimensional travel and heal personal injuries by accelerating his metabolism.


Time Gauntlets: Time travel device worn on the wrist.

Note: During the DC 1,000,000 crossover, the Time Gauntlets were stolen by Chronos II. Fox may have integrated 853rdrd Century time travel technology into his uniform since then.

Common Enemies


Speed Metal

Regularly Appearing
Flash Vol. 2
First Appearance
Flash 50th Anniversary Special (1990)
Mark Waid & Mike Parobek

Manfred Mota began his career in crime as the Atom Smasher, and was defeated by the first Flash. He would return under the alias Professor Fallout and once again be defeated by the second Flash. It was thought that his criminal career came to an end when he was defeated by the third Flash, but he would smolder as a creature of living plutonium underneath Central City until resurfacing in the 27th Century.

Mota threatened Central City with no hero to oppose him. Tachyon physicist John Fox went back in time to recruit the aid of the Flashes who had defeated Mota in the past. Unable to make contact with any Flashes, Fox returned to his time, but his unstable return trip through time imbued him with super-speed. Donning a combination of several costumes from the Flash Museum, Fox challenged and defeated Mota as the Flash of the 27th Century.

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