Nick Name
Civilian ID
G'nort Esplanade G'neeshmacher
Green Lantern of Space Sector 68
Legal Status
Citizen of G'newt with no known criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Green Lantern Corps

Guardians of the Universe

Justice League Antarctica

Justice League

Base of Operations
5' 10"
195 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Biologically inferior G'newtian with Green Lantern Ring enhanced abilities granting the wielder the ability to create forms and devices of green energy from their imagination, transmute materials, phase through solid objects, become invisible, fly at supersonic speeds; achieve superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, immunity to harsh environments and an ability to communicate with all known sentient species.

Note: The imprisonment within the Central Power Battery of Parallax - a yellow being composed of pure fear - created an impurity making Green Lantern Rings incapable of manipulating objects colored yellow, and the champions of the Guardians of the Universe, the Green Lanterns, susceptible to the only thing that could break their will - fear.

With few exceptions the Power Ring is limited to a 24 hour charge and must be recharged in the Power Battery on a daily basis.


Green Lantern Central Power Battery: Repository of the mental energies of the Oan race.

Green Lantern Power Battery: Portable power batteries capable of drawing power from the Central Power Battery.

Green Lantern Ring: Device worn upon the finger to focus the energies of the Central Power Battery.

Common Enemies

Manga Khan


Scarlet Skier

Regularly Appearing

Green Lantern Vol. 3

Justice League International Vol. 1

First Appearance
Justice League International #10 (Feb. 1988)
Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis & Kevin Maguire

G'nort G'neeshmacher of G'newt was never blessed with athleticism or intelligence, but he was lucky enough to be the nephew of one of the Green Lantern Corps greatest officers - G'newmann G'noggs.

After G'nort dropped out of school, Uncle G'newmann took pity upon his simpleton nephew by offered him a position in the Poglachian Green Lantern Corps - an inept group which had been secretly created by the Weaponers of Qward to discredit the real Green Lantern Corps.

G'nort was assigned to a remote and apparently lifeless sector of space, although his dumb luck resulted in his discovery of Orinda - the cloaked home base of the rogue androids known as the Manhunters. After assisting the Justice League in defeating the Manhunters, G'nort made his way to Earth. While in route, he attempted to foil Manga Khan's plot to invade Earth which tipped off the planet's heroes and ruined the galactic profiteers plans.

Making a home with the Justice League International, G'nort was more tolerated than appreciated. After a series of adventures, G'nort and Green Lantern Guy Gardner discovered and foiled the Weaponers of Qward's ploy to discredit the Green Lantern Corps with their inept facsimile. Impressed by G'nort's skills in defeating the Weaponers, Gardner petitioned the Guardians of the Universe to accept the canine alien into their corps, which they did with uncharacteristic amusement.

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