Hawkgirl I

Hawkgirl III

Hawkgirl IV

Hawkwoman I

Nick Name

Immortal Warrior

Pinioned Paladin

Winged Warrior

Civilian ID
Incarnations of Chay-Ara (Shiera): Shiera Sanders Hall, Shayera Thal Hol & Kendra Shiera Saunders


Ancient Egyptian Princess


Legal Status
Citizens of Earth and Thanagar
Nation or Planet of Origin
Earth and Thanagar
Group Affiliation

All-Star Squadron

Birds of Prey

Justice League

Justice Society

Base of Operations
Earth and Thanagar
5' 4' - 5' 7"
115 lbs. - 125 lbs.
Eye Color

Hawkgirl I: Brown

Hawkgirl I & Hawkwoman I: Blue

Hawkgirl IV: Green

Hair Color

Hawkgirl I: Brown

Hawkgirl I & Hawkwoman I: Red

Hawkgirl IV: Black

Known Powers

Normal humans or Thangarians with above average intelligence and excellent hand-to-hand combat skills; apparently possessing the accumulated knowledge of their former lives.

Thanagarian incarnations have normal strength for natives of their planet, but due to its greater mass than Earth, possess greater strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability while on Earth.


Cloak of Cagliostro: Mystical cloak capable of teleporting anyone or thing enveloped within it folds. The cloak can also be used to render the wearer invisible and immaterial as well as serve as a repository of other items and elements.

Hawk Uniform: Artificial wings, harness, boots and belt containing the gravity defying Nth metal.

Note: Nth metal contains a wide variety of abilities besides flight; including increased strength, speed, agility, resistance to cold and heat, accelerated healing, heightened senses and others which have not yet been revealed. Prolonged exposure to Nth metal allows the user to utilizes its abilities to a lesser degree when they have no immediate physical contact with the element.

Modern and ancient weapons from Earth and Thanagar.

Common Enemies




Count Viper

Criminal Alliance of the World

Fadeaway Man

Fal Tal

Gentleman Ghost

Golden Eagle








Kanjar Ro

Konrad Kaslak



Matter Master

(The) Monocle

Raven I

Raven II


Simple Simon

Sin Eater

St. Roch

Tigress II

Trygg the Sorcerer

Vandal Savage


Regularly Appearing

All Flash Comics Vol. 1

All Star Comics Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron Vol. 1

Flash Comics Vol. 1

Hawkman Vol. 1, 2 & 3

JSA Vol. 1

Justice League of America Vol. 1

First Appearance

Chay-Ara (Shiera)

Flash Comics Vol. 1 #1 (Jan. 1940)

Hawkgirl I

Flash Comics Vol. 1 #24 (Dec. 1942)

Hawkgirl III/Hawkwoman I

The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #34 (Feb. - March, 1961)

Hawkgirl IV

JSA Secret Files and Origins Vol. 1 #1 (Aug. 1999)

Gardner Fox & Sheldon Moldoff

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian Prince Khufu and his lover, came into contact with Nth (ninth) metal, an element from the planet Thanagar. Exposure to the extraterrestrial material imprinted racial memories from the alien Thanagarians onto the couple and combined with their true love, strengthened their souls and the bond between them.

Soon after their exposure to Nth metal, the lovers were murdered by Hath-Set, a corrupt priest of Anubis. Over subsequent, and mostly unrevealed lifetimes, Khufu and Chay-Ara were reborn again and again, destined to meet and fall in love.

In the middle of the 20th century, Khufu was reborn as the independently wealthy Carter Hall, who after handling an Egyptian knife, realized his true lineage and continued his quest for vengeance against his murderer Hath-Set, reborn as Anton Hastor. Utilizing the anti-gravity Nth metal to construct an anti-gravity belt and wing harness in tribute to the Egyptian hawk god Horus, he adopted ancient weapons of war, becoming Hawkman.

Chay-Ara was reborn as Shiera Sanders who fought along side her future husband as Hawkgirl.

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