Nick Name
Son of Saturn
Civilian ID
Prince Jemm


Prince of the Saturnians

Legal Status
Prince of Saturn
Nation or Planet of Origin
Bhok, Saturn
Group Affiliation

Injustice Gang

Note: Jemm was not a voluntary member of the Injustice Gang.

Base of Operations
New Bhok, Saturn
6' 6"
240 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Skin Tone
Known Powers

Biologically atypical Saturnian with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and flight possessing a "birthstone" enabling him to probe the emotions of other living beings as well as project his own emotions into their minds.

The birthstone can be used to project powerful force beams, but doing so causes pain and a feeling of illness.

Note: Both red and white Saturnians were originally Martians that migrated to the ringed planet millennia ago, and have become similar but distinctly different race.

It is unrevealed if the races of Saturn were both originally Green Martians and became red and white, or if the red Saturnians were once green and the white Saturnians are descended from White Martians.


Spacecraft: Interstellar ship used to travel from planet to planet, due to Saturnians inability to travel in space unassisted.

Common Enemies

Injustice Gang


Regularly Appearing

Jemm, Son of Saturn Vol. 1

JLA Vol. 1

Martian Manhunter Vol. 2

First Appearance
Jemm, Son of Saturn Vol. 1 #1 (Sept. 1984)
Gene Colan & Greg Potter

Migrating from Mars two distinct races, one red and one white, established, over the millennia, civilizations on Saturn. Racial hatred existed between the two groups and eventually there was war.

Jemm, the son of King Jaxx, was born with a "birthstone" on his forehead, and was believed to be a prophesied savior.

Surviving both the destruction of his city, Bhok, and a catastrophic nuclear accident, which destroyed most life on Saturn, the prince became a champion and protector of the city of New Bhok and all Saturnians as Jemm, Son of Saturn.

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