Lil' Lobo
Nick Name
The Main Boy
Civilian ID


Bounty Hunter

Homicidal Psychopath

Legal Status

Last surviving member of the Czarnian race (he killed the rest) with an extensive criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Young Justice
Base of Operations
5' 2"
125 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Biologically typical Czarnian with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability; capable of regenerating severed limbs and body parts, clone from as little biological mass as a drop of blood, survive the vacuum of space without air and track any living being by their aura.

Note: Ability to clone may have been hampered by a poisoning incident. Lobo has achieved immortality through virtue of being exiled from both Heaven and Hell.


Spazzfrag Spacehawg Motorcycle: Personal transportation capable of interstellar travel.

Guns, knives, grenades, lumber with rusty nails, etc...

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing
Young Justice Vol. 1
First Appearance


The Omega Men Vol. 1 #3 (June, 1983)

Lil' Lobo

Young Justice Vol. 1 1,000,000 (Nov. 1998)



Roger Slifer & Keith Giffen

Lil' Lobo

Peter David & Todd Nauck


Lobo was born on the peaceful planet Czarnia. It soon was clear that he was a little bit different than the rest of his species when he committed his first homicide at the age of five. By age seventeen, he had killed every other inhabitant of the planet by breeding an genetically mutated insect. After bumming around the galaxy for a few years he became a bounty hunter, specializing in dead or alive warrants, but mostly dead.

Although many would argue that Lobo's methods are hardly heroic, he does have a strong sense of justice and it could be argued that the genocide of his entire species was probably for the best. Their evolution had come to a stand still and the species had mutated into the Fraggin Bastiche, Lobo.

By means unknown the adult Lobo had been de-aged and returned to Earth as Lil' Lobo.

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