Little Sure Shot
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Louis Kiyahani

Army Scout

Sniper / Sharpshooter

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin

Apache Nation, United States

Note: The Apache Nation is comprised of several culturally related tribes native to the southwest of the United States - primarily in the states of Arizona and New Mexico, and to a lesser degree Colorado and Utah.

Group Affiliation
Easy Company
Base of Operations
European Theater of War during World War II.
~5' 6"
~150 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with exceptional hand-to-hand and armed combat skills with an affinity for tracking and scouting.

Extra-ordinarily exceptional marksman.

Resources of the United States military.
Common Enemies
Axis Forces of World War II
Regularly Appearing

Our Army at War Vol. 1

Sgt. Rock Vol. 1

First Appearance
Our Army at War Vol. 1 #127 (Feb. 1963)
Robert Kanigher & Joe Kubert

A native American from the Apache Tribe, Louis Kiyahani showed an affinity for tracking and scouting while in basic jungle combat training.

His first assignment with Easy Company was in the desserts of North Africa, an environment which diminished his skills as a tracker. He compensated by single-handily destroying an enemy tank and earned his first feather in combat.

A man of small stature Kiyahani is reputed for his ability to hit any target earning him the nickname Little Sure Shot.

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