Alias Lori Morning as Plasma
Lori Morning
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Lori Morning



Legal Status
Citizen of the United States of the 20th Century with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States of the 20th Century
Group Affiliation

Legion of Super-Heroes


Base of Operations
United Planets Space of the 30th Century
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human granted a wide variety of random super-human abilities by the alien artifact known as the HERO Dial.


HERO Dial: Device of unknown origin with the ability to transform ordinary beings into random superhuman beings by spelling the letters HERO.

The dial has also been known to create evil alternates of a hero by dialing the word SPLIT.

Note: The dial's language is altered to be understood by the person in possession.

Common Enemies

Chronos I

Regularly Appearing

Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 3

Legionnaires Vol. 1

First Appearance
Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 #75 (Dec. 1995)
Tom McCraw, Tom Peyer & Lee Moder

The nine-year-old daughter of Ronald Morning, an assistant of the temporal criminal Chronos I, Lori Morning despised the restrictions of childhood.

To travel through time Chronos required the youth of others to prevent his own rapid aging. Morning volunteered to sacrifice her childhood without her father's permission.

When the Legionnaire, XS, was rescued from the time-stream by Chronos he saw a method of achieving time travel without the effects of aging by using 30th Century technology. Using Morning as a means to travel into the distant future she was aged into a young adult, and stranded after the temporal criminal was defeated by the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Morning was returned to her previous age by siphoning off the chronal energies she had absorbed. After coming in contact with the Time Trapper, he gave Morning a mystical HERO Dial which allowed her to transform into a random hero for one hour.

Morning lost her powers when the HERO Dial was sacrificed to escape a rift in space from consuming members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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