Raven II
Nick Name
Civilian ID



Rachel Roth




Legal Status
Nation or Planet of Origin
Dimension of Azarath
Group Affiliation
Teen Titans
Base of Operations
Titans Tower, New York

Deceased Body

5' 11"

Resurrected Body

5' 5"


Deceased Body

125 lbs.

Resurrected Body

110 lbs.

Eye Color

Deceased Body: Blue

Resurrected Body: Indigo

Hair Color

Deceased Body: Black

Resurrected Body: Black

Known Powers

Human/demon hybrid with the abilities of empathetically sense and cure the pain and disease of others.

Capable of unleashing her soul in the form a bird-like avatar which can surround others and force them to experience their worst fears.

In her physical form Raven is able to move through dimensions via teleportation. In her soul form she is able to transport other beings and objects.

Common Enemies

Brother Blood


Regularly Appearing

New Teen Titans Vol. 1 & 2

Raven Vol. 1

Teen Titans Vol. 2

First Appearance
DC Comics Presents Vol. 1 #26 (Oct. 1980)
Marv Wolfman & George Pérez

Born of a human woman and the demon Trigon, Raven has spent much of her life trying to escape her father's influence.

Before her birth Raven's mother, Angela Roth, was associated with a mystic cult attempting to bring Satan to Earth. Instead of Satan a handsome red-haired man appeared who seduced and impregnated the teenager.

Revealing himself to be the demon Trigon, Raven's mother became insane with grief and attempted suicide, but she was saved by a stranger who appeared from thin air. He offered her sanctuary in the dimension of Azarath where Angela became known as Arella, which mean the Messenger Angel.

When Arella's child was born the blue and green skies of Azarath became dark and stormy. The citizens of Azarath feared the child known as Raven, but the goddess Azar tutored her teaching Raven inner calm in hopes of putting her beyond the influence of Trigon.

Constantly warring with her father, who sought to use Raven as a conduit to conquer Earth's dimension, she left Azarath and sought the help of other superhumans, forming the group known as the New Teen Titans.

After countless battles with Trigon he was eventually destroyed, but Raven had become subject to his influence morphing into a dark version of herself. In order to break the influence Raven's body was destroyed leaving her soul-self free and intact.

Eventually her soul would be drawn into the body of another and she would return to join the ranks of the Teen Titans as the mysterious, dark Raven.

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