Ray II
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Raymond C. "Ray" Terrill


Computer Programmer

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Group Affiliation

Forgotten Heroes

Justice League

Young Justice

Base of Operations
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5' 10"
155 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Inherited ability to absorb and control solar energy. Manipulation of solar energy includes re-arranging it into any form of matter or energy, creating focused energy blast and as a means of flight.

Manipulation into matter enables Ray to create his uniform from solar energy.

Note: Ray Terrill's abilities were inherited from his father "Happy" Terrill (Ray I) who was exposed to a genetic light bomb.

Solar Energy
Common Enemies

Death Masque


Regularly Appearing

The Ray Vol. 1 & 2

Young Justice Vol. 1

First Appearance
The Ray Vol. 1 #1 (Feb. 1992)
Jack C. Harris & Joe Quesada

The son of the World War II hero "Happy" Terrill (Ray I), Raymond Terrill was deceived by his father into avoiding exposure to sunlight to keep his solar powers dormant by convincing him that a hyper-sensitivity to solar radiation would prove fatal. Insuring the boy lived in literal as well as figurative darkness, Happy placed his son in foster care convincing the boy his mother had died during childbirth, and the mother that the child had died as well.

The truth about his powers, and his father's superhero identity, was revealed by his father at his supposed deathbed. At Happy's "funeral" Raymond was urged by a relative to use his abilities to become a superhero like his father, but he refused. Happy returned, revealing that he had faked his death to pressure Raymond into the life of a superhero.

Happy explained he had gained his abilities as the original Ray as part of a secret government group studying the nature of light. The lead scientist of the project believed that light from the dawn of time would circumnavigate the universe and return as a conscious and possibly dangerous "light entity." The project's goal was to reason with or destroy the entity to save the Earth.

Happy Terrill was deceived into joining the secret group as an unwitting test subject. He was exposed to a genetic light bomb, which granted him the ability to manipulate light energy. Unaware of the light entity theory, Happy became the super-heroic Ray.

Discovering the intent of the nature of the light project and his own manipulation, Happy retired super-heroics and started a family. When his son was born displaying powers similar to his own, Happy conceived a plan out of fear to ensure that the boy would responsibly utilize his powers.

Raymond would eventually utilize his abilities to confront the light entity in a realm only he could access and saved the Earth as the Ray.

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