Red Tornado II

Tornado Champion

Tornado Tyrant

Nick Name
Civilian ID
John Smith



Legal Status
Alien sentient tornado contained within an android body.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Rann, Alpha Centauri system
Group Affiliation

Justice League

Justice Society

Primal Force

Young Justice

Base of Operations
Happy Harbor, Rhode Island

Tornado Form: Varies

Android Form: 6' 1"


Tornado Form: Varies

Android Form: 325 lbs.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Tornado Tyrant & Tornado Champion

A living alien force of nature capable of forming a devastatingly powerful tornado capable of transforming matter.

Red Tornado II

Advanced android inhabited by an alien force of nature possessing superior mechanical strength, speed, agility and durability capable of creating and controlling artificial tornadoes which can be channeled into supersonic speed or velocity rapid enough render itself invisible. Limited weather control abilities.

Android Body: Cybernetic chassis used to contain the entity known as the Tornado Champion.
Common Enemies

Tornado Tyrant

Adam Strange

Tornado Champion & Red Tornado II

Justice League

T. O. Morrow

Tornado Tyrant II

Regularly Appearing

Justice League of America Vol. 1

Mystery in Space Vol. 1

Red Tornado Vol. 1

Young Justice Vol. 1

First Appearance

Tornado Tyrant

Mystery in Space Vol. 1 #61 (Aug. 1960)

Tornado Champion

Justice League of America Vol. 1 #17 (Feb. 1963)

Red Tornado II

Justice League of America Vol. 1 #64 (Aug. 1964)


Tornado Tyrant

Gardner Fox & Carmine Infantino

Tornado Champion

Garner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

Red Tornado II

Gardner Fox & Dick Dillin


A force of nature native to the planet Rann, the sentient tornado challenged Adam Strange and attempted to conquer the hero's adopted planet as the Tornado Tyrant.

After nearly being destroyed, the Tornado Tyrant observed the example of Strange and his allies in the Justice League, deciding to become a force of good as the Tornado Champion.

The duality of the Tornado Champion caused a schism, and it split into two separate beings, forming a new Tornado Tyrant. The Champion would defeat its evil self.

The criminal scientist T. O. Morrow created an android to defeat the Justice League, which the Tornado Champion was convinced to enter, and subsequently lost its memory. The Tornado Champion would regain its sense of self and save the Justice League and Justice Society from T. O. Morrow's evil plans as the Red Tornado.

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