Magnus: Robot Fighter
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Robot Fighter
Legal Status
Citizen of Earth of the 41st Century.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Earth of the 41st Century
Group Affiliation
Future Force
Base of Operations
North Am
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with peak physical strength trained in the martial arts.

Cybernetic enhancement allows Magnus to receive radio signals into his brain.

Common Enemies

Malev Emperor

Rogue Robots

Regularly Appearing

Magnus: Robot Fighter

Magnus: Robot Fighter 4000 A.D.

First Appearance
Magnus: Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. Vol. 1 #1 (Feb. 1963)
Chase Craig & Russ Manning

Raised in isolation from a humanity that had become dependent upon automatons for their needs, ironically, Magnus was trained in both body and mind by a robot known as 1A which foresaw the day when other automatons would grow weary of servitude and rebel against the humanity which gave them life.

Trained to the peak of physical and mental perfection, Magnus was implanted by his mentor with a cybernetic radio receiver to intercept the communications of rogue automatons that he would battle as a Robot Fighter.

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