Nick Name

Ghost Who Walks

Guardian of the Eastern Dark

Man Who Cannot Die

Civilian ID
Kit Walker



Crime Fighter

Legal Status
Chief of the Bandar Tribe.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Jungle Patrol
Base of Operations
African Jungle
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers
Normal human with skills as a crime-fighter, detective and hunter.

Devil: Gray wolf, serving as companion and protector.

Hero: White horse used as transportation.

Phantom Costume: A design handed down over the centuries, creating the illusion of an immortal avenger.

Phantom Ring: Finger ring with the shape of a skull that leaves a mark on the flesh of those struck.

Skull Cave: Cave with skull shaped entrance used as a hideout and base of operations.

Common Enemies



Singh Brotherhood



Regularly Appearing

Ace Comics

Better Little Books

Big Little Books

Defenders of the Earth

Feature Books

Future Comics

Harvey Comics

Harvey Hits

King Comics

Phantom Vol. 1 (Gold Key)

Phantom Vol. 1 (King)

Phantom Vol. 1 (Charlton)

Phantom Vol. 2 (DC Comics)

Phantom Vol. 3 (Moonstone)

First Appearance

1st Appearance

King Features Syndicate Newspaper Comics (Feb. 1936)

Note: The newspaper comic is still currently published and can be found at King Feature website.

1st Book Appearance

Big Little Book #1100 (1936)

Note: Big Little Book #1100 reprints the Phantom newspaper strips from Feb. 17, 1936 through Nov. 7, 1936. Whitman Publishing Company would print a total of six Phantom Big Little / Big Better Books from 1936 - 1942.

1st Comics Appearance

L'uomo Mascherato #1 (May, 1937)

Note: L'uomo Mascherato was published in Italy and translates as the "Masked Man."

1st American Comics Appearance

Ace Comics #11 (Feb. 1938)

Note: Ace Comics reprinted newspaper comics of the Phantom, Flash Gordon, the Lone Ranger and Mandrake the Magician amongst other King Features characters.

The first original comics material was published by Gold Key Comics, November 1962. Subsequent publishers King Comics and Charlton Comics continued the series chronologically until January 1977.

Lee Falk & Ray Moore

A half-drowned sailor, flung ashore on the Bengalla coast after pirates burned his ship and slaughtered his shipmates. Adopted by the gentle Bandar pygmies as a sea god of ancient prophecy he was nursed back to health.

Donning a mask and costume he became the first of whose heirs will inherit an over 400 year crime-fighting dynasty becoming a scourge of predators everywhere known as the immortal Phantom.

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