Strontium Dog
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Johnny Alpha
Search and Destroy Agent
Legal Status
Mutant with limited social rights.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Britain of the 22nd Century.
Group Affiliation
Galactic Crime Commission
Base of Operations
Britain of the 22nd Century.
Eye Color
White with green glow.
Hair Color
Known Powers

Mutation via radioactive Strontium 90 fallout resulting in eyes can emit piercing Alpha rays, enabling the ability to see through solid objects, move objects telekinetically and penetrate the soul of others breaking their will.


Beam Polariser: Device capable of siphoning the energy of beam weapons.

Electro-Nux: Brass-knuckles capable of emitting severe eclectic shocks.

Short-Range Teleporter: Device used to transport matter short distances.

Time Drogue: Device that temporarily turns back time within a limited range, enabling the resurrection of dead suspects long enough for questioning.

Westinghouse Variable-Cartridge Blaster: Handgun that fires bullet-sized solid fuel missiles.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

2000 AD

Judge Dredd Megazine

Strontium Dog (Eagle Comics)

First Appearance
2000 AD #86 (Oct. 1978)
John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

After the Great War of 2150 the Earth was decimated by Strontium 90 radiation - which resulted in a large number of mutants being born, and subsequently discriminated against. Many of the mutants were relegated to undesirable jobs with high risk - such as bounty hunting. One of the best search and destroy agents is Johnny Alpha, who like many of his fellow hunters is known as a Strontium Dog.

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