Nick Name

Albion I

(The) Grail Hermit

Civilian ID

Albion I

Peter Hunter

Albion II

Brian Braddock


Albion I



Albion II



Legal Status

Albion I

Subject of the United Kingdom.

Albion II

Subject of the United Kingdom of an alternate reality.

Nation or Planet of Origin

Albion I

Adlestrop, England

Albion II

United Kingdom of an alternate reality.

Group Affiliation

Albion I

Dark Guard

Knights of Pendragon

Albion II

Shadow Captains

Base of Operations

Albion I


Albion II

London, England


Peter Hunter: 5' 7"

Albion I: 6' 2"

Albion II: 6' 6"


Peter Hunter: 140 lbs.

Albion I: 200 lbs.

Albion II: 255 lbs.

Eye Color
Hair Color

Peter Hunter: Grey

Albion I: Brown

Albion II: Blond

Known Powers

Albion I

Mystically augmented human with superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability and flight capable of discharging magic flame from his hands.

Immunity from both physical and mystic harm.

Well versed in the use of Arthurian Tarot, utilizing it to divine future events.

Albion II

Mystically augmented human with superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability and flight.

Trained soldier with an intimate knowledge of military tactics.


Albion I

Albion Armor: Mystically enchanted armor which is bonded to the wearer and cannot be removed unless he wills it.

Albion II

Sword of Might: Mystical sword which grants the wielder superhuman abilities.

Common Enemies

Albion I

(The) Bane

Baron Blood





Albion I


Shadow X

Regularly Appearing

Albion I

Knights of Pendragon Vol. 1

Albion II

Excalibur Vol. 4

First Appearance

Albion I

Knights of Pendragon Vol. 1 #8 (Feb. 1991)

Albion II

Excalibur Vol. 4 #5 (May, 2006)


Albion I

Dan Abnett, John Tomlinson, Gary Erskine & Kev Hopgood

Albion II

Chris Claremont & Steven Cummings


During the early years of World War I, Peter Hunter was granted by the Green Knight of Arthurian legend the spirit-power once belonging to Herne the Hunter and Merlin. Using his mystic superpowers Hunter became the British hero Albion.

On the Earth of another dimension where World War I continued to rage after one hundred years, a soldier named Brian Braddock was given a choice by the omni-universal guardians Merlyn and Roma; the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Unexpectedly Braddock chose the Sword of Might, bringing about an end to the war through might - not reason. At the end of the world war there were precious little resources left and the population continued on its path to destruction through famine and disease.

Discovering that he was one in a multitude of a trans-dimensional corps empowered by Merlyn and Roma, Braddock chose to seek revenge upon his benefactors by destroying the Captain Brittan Corps as Albion.

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