Ancient One
Nick Name
Civilian ID




Legal Status

Deceased citizen of Tibet of the 15th Century.

Note: Although the Ancient One is now deceased his unity to the forces of mysticism allowed him to become one with the universe while maintaining his conscious.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Kamar-Taj, Tibet
Group Affiliation
The Ancient Ones
Base of Operations
Hidden temple within the Himalayas of Tibet.
5' 11"
160 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black - Now balding and white.
Known Powers

Mastery of the mystic arts granting ability to cast spells for both offensive and defensive purposes. Ability to project his astral form to any place or dimension.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant with mastery of the martial arts.


Book of Vishanti: Ancient text containing every defensive spell known to the mystic arts. The book itself also serves as a mystic shield.

Cloak of Levitation: Mystic cloak mentally controlled to use for flight without physical exertion.

Crystal of Agamotto: Orb capable of detecting mystic forces within multiple dimensions.

Eye of Agamotto: Amulet created by the entity known as Eternity; allowing the possessor to dispel creations of black magic, see through illusions, invoke images of the immediate past, read and control minds; and track corporeal and ethereal beings by their psychic or magical emissions.

Orb of Agamotto: The Eye of Agamotto detached from its backing and enlarged, allowing the possessor to see and travel to other dimensions and times.

Serum of the Seraphim: Powerful all-purpose elixir capable of curing both mystic and non-mystic ailments.

Tome of Oshtur: Book of long-lost spells written by the omnipotent Oshtur.

Unnamed ring capable of enabling an ectoplasmic form to cast mystic spells.

Wide array or arcane texts, artifacts, books and relics.

Common Enemies

Baron Mordo




Regularly Appearing

Dr. Strange Vol. 1

Epic Anthology

Marvel Premiere


Strange Tales Vol. 1

First Appearance
Strange Tales Vol. 1 #110 (July, 1963)
Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Born over five hundred years ago in a small village called Kamar-Taj hidden within the Himalayas of Tibet, the young man who would become known as the Ancient One was a peaceful farmer. When his longtime friend Kaluu gained mystical knowledge he shared it with the youth. Exploring magic together the duo learned to harness great mystical energies, but their motives began to diverge. Kaluu's aspirations leaned toward tyranny and he desired to create a vast empire. Together the mystics eliminated disease, poverty, suffering and even death from Kamar-Taj, but Kaluu was secretly manipulating the citizen's minds influencing them to crown him king. Kaluu's manipulations compelled the otherwise peaceful citizens to muster an army to conquer and enslave their neighbors.

Paralyzing the youth after he attempted to foil Kaluu's plans, the future Ancient One was powerless and had to watch as the village fell into decadence. Although immobile the youth was able to cast a spell that inadvertently caused a pestilence which wiped out the village and caused Kaluu to take refuge within another dimension. His adversary gone the spell of paralysis was broken.

Although no longer immortal, the youth would now age at a very slow rate, so that he would not reach the end of his life span for five centuries. Leaving the village of his birth the youth devoted his life to combating other evil sorcerers. Seeking out mystics whose elder members were known as Ancient Ones, he dedicated his long life to serving the forces of order in the Universe eventually himself becoming an Ancient One.

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