Ant-Man II
Nick Name
World's Smallest Hero
Civilian ID
Scott Edward Harris Lang


Electronics Engineer

Security Consultant


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Coral Gables, Florida
Group Affiliation


Fantastic Four

Heroes of Hire

Base of Operations

Miami, Florida

New York, New York

6' - .5"
190 lbs. - varies with size
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Shrinking Gas enabling the ability to shrink to a minuscule size while maintaining normal human strength.

Ability to communicate with insects facilitated through a cybernetic helmet.

Above average intelligence with skills as an engineer.


Ant-Man Uniform: Clothing designed to afford a limited amount of protection equipped with gloves and boots enabling vertical climbing.

Cybernetic Helmet: Headgear used to telepathically communicate with and control the minds of organized insects i.e. ants, bees and wasp.

Bio-electric Stingers: Electrical impulses discharged from the gloves that are designed to disable adversaries.

Shrinking Gas: Chemical composed of Pym Particles used for reducing the size of self and other objects.

Common Enemies

Absorbing Man




Hijacker II

Magician II

Power Broker II


Titania II

(The) Voice

Yellowjacket III

Regularly Appearing


Ant-Man: Scott Lang

Astonishing Ant-Man

Avengers Vol. 1 & 3

Fantastic Four Vol. 1 & 3

First Appearance

Scott Lang

Avengers Vol. 1 #181 (March, 1979)

Ant-Man II

Marvel Premiere #47 (April, 1979)

David Michelinie & John Byrne

Scott Lang was an electronics engineer who had difficulty supporting his wife, Peggy Rae, and daughter, Cassandra. Resorting to burglary he was imprisoned for three years. While in prison he studied electronics in greater detail and was hired by Stark International upon his release. It was during his time in prison that his wife divorced him.

His daughter diagnosed with a serious congenital heart condition, Lang turned to Dr. Erica Sondheim for help. When Dr. Sondheim was kidnapped by Darren Cross, president of Cross Technological Enterprises, to help correct his own heart condition, Lang burglarized the home of Dr. Henry Pym (Ant-Man I), stealing both the Ant-Man costume and shrinking gas canisters.

Lang rescued Dr. Sondheim, who in turn saved Cassandra's life. Completing his mission, Lang returned the costume, but Pym, who had followed his exploits as Yellowjacket, insisted he keep the uniform and use it for the good of mankind as the world's smallest superhero, Ant-Man.

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