Beta Ray Thor
Nick Name
Civilian ID

Beta Ray Bill


Simon Walters

Legal Status

Champion of the Korbinite race.

Honorary citizen of Asgard.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Korbin, Burning Galaxy
Group Affiliation

Gods of Asgard

Star Masters

Thor Corps

Base of Operations


New Korbin

Skuttlebutt: Sentient starship.

6' 7"
480 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Cybernetic and mystically enhanced alien with god-like strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, an immunity to all known diseases and environments capable of flight facilitated by a mystical war hammer.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant trained as a warrior.

An accomplished starship captain.

Note: Through a mystical enchantment the essence of Beta Ray Thor has inhabited the recently deceased body of a homeless African-American veteran named Simon Walters. When he wishes to transform into his more powerful physical form he strikes his right hand against a solid surface.


Skuttlebutt: Alien starship of unknown origin possessing a sentient intelligence.

Storm Breaker: Mystical mallet enchanted by Odin, the father of the Norse gods. It is capable of granting its possessor control of the elements of weather (wind, rain, thunder, and lightning), project mystical energies, open dimensional portals, enable flight when thrown without releasing the handle; always returns to the wielder when thrown and can not be lifted by any being deemed unworthy by Odin.

Common Enemies

Alpha Ray


Captain Orack

Dire Wraiths

Ego the Living Planet



Grey Gargoyle





Titanium Man

Uroc the Uru Warrior

Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

Regularly Appearing

Mighty Thor Vol. 1 & 2


First Appearance
Mighty Thor #337 (Nov. 1983)
Walter Simonson

A cybernetic and biologically engineered protector of the remaining survivors of the Burning Galaxy, Beta Ray Bill, pursued by demons, traveled to the Milky Way Galaxy in search of a new planet after the demon lord Surtur destroyed his galaxy's core in fire to forge his "Sword of Doom."

Thor was asked by Col. Nick Fury to investigate Beta Ray Bill's starship when it was detected by a S.H.I.E.L.D. hyper-spatial probe. Entering the ship, the central computer alerted its protector and in the ensuing battle, Thor was separated from his hammer Mjolnir and reverted to Dr. Donald Blake, as well his hammer reverted to it guise as a walking stick. Seizing the walking stick and striking it against the wall, Beta Ray Bill was transformed into a variation of Thor.

Requiring Thor, Odin cast a spell to return him to Asgard, but the newly transformed Beta Ray Bill arrived instead. Odin transported Dr. Blake to Asgard as well - restoring his form as Thor. Beta Ray Bill initially though the Asgardians were in league with Surtur's demons, but when convinced otherwise refused to return Mjolnir, insisting he has won the weapon fairly in combat and needed it to battle Surtur's demons. Odin decreed the matter be settled by a combat to the death, without the advantage of the war hammer. Beta Ray Bill proved victorious but refused to kill Thor. Satisfied that the alien was noble, Odin had another war hammer forged and enchanted it with the ability to transform the alien with the powers similar to Thor's - christening the weapon Strom Breaker.

Odin also transferred the spell that allowed Thor to transform into Dr. Donald Blake to allow Beta Ray Bill to transform himself, as well as transforming Storm Bringer into a walking cane when not in the form of Beta Ray Thor.

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