Nick Name
Civilian ID

Bucky I

James Michael Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

Bucky II

Fred Davis


Bucky I


Bucky II

Professional Baseball Player


Legal Status

Bucky I

Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Bucky II

Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin

Bucky I

Shelbyville, Indiana

Bucky II

New York, New York

Group Affiliation

Bucky I

Kid Commandos


Liberty Legion

Partner of Captain America I

Young Allies I

Bucky II

All-Winners Squad

Partner of Captain America II

Partner of Captain America III

Penance Council

Base of Operations

Bucky I

European and Japanese theatre of war during World War II.

Bucky II

United States


Bucky I: 5' 7"


Bucky I: 150 lbs.

Eye Color

Bucky I: Brown

Bucky II: Brown

Hair Color

Bucky I: Brown

Bucky II: Brown

Known Powers

Normal human with skills as a soldier.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant with special forces training.


Bucky Costume: Uniform composed of a rare bulletproof fabric.

Military and civilian weapons typical to the mid-Twentieth Century.

Common Enemies

Adolph Hitler

Baron Zemo I

Black Talon I

Dr. Destiny

(The) Head


Master of Souls

Red Skull




Regularly Appearing

All-Select Comics

All-Winners Comics

Captain America Comics

Invaders Vol. 1

Marvel Mystery Comics

Tales of Suspense Vol. 1 & 2

USA Comics

Young Allies

Young Men

First Appearance

Bucky I

Captain America Comics #1 (March, 1941)

Bucky II

All Winners Comics #19 (Fall, 1946)

Note: The first appearance of Fred Davis as Bucky was retconed to account for the death of the first Bucky while attempting to stop a plot by Baron Zemo.

Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Bucky I

According to U.S. government propaganda, the orphaned James "Bucky" Barnes was the mascot of Camp Lehigh in Virginia where he befriended Army Private Steve Rogers, who was secretly battling espionage agents and saboteurs as Captain America. One night, Barnes discovered Rogers while changing into his Captain America uniform. Swearing the youth to secrecy, Barnes was allowed to assist Captain America in his mission against the Red Skull. Barnes later received permission and training to become Captain America's full-time partner, simply going by the name Bucky.

In reality James Barnes was older than the government propaganda depicted. In his late teens, Barnes was already an exceptional fighter with no formal military training. Constantly getting into fights and landing into trouble with the military justice system, the commanding officer of Barnes' deceased father offered the young scrapper an opportunity to fight. Trained in special forces combat, Barnes was partnered with America's super soldier, Captain America.

Bucky II

After the death of the original Bucky and the apparent death of Captain America, who was attempting to stop a plot by the Nazi commander Baron Zemo, the US government recruited replacements for the heroes to ensure the high moral of the public for the war effort. Professional baseball player Fred Davis answered the call and served his nation as Bucky until his retirement after suffering a gunshot wound.

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