Captain America IX

Falcon II

Nick Name
Civilian ID

Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson





Congressional Candidate

Former Criminal

Neighborhood Planner

Social Worker

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Harlem, New York
Group Affiliation


Base of Operations
New York, New York
6' 2"
240 lbs.
Eye Color


Yellow when using telepathic vision through birds.

Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human being in peak physical condition with excellent hand-to-hand combat skills mystically altered by the Cosmic Cube granting a psychic link with birds allowing him to see through their eyes.


Falcon Wing Harness: Cybernetic computerized jet-powered harness enabling the wearer to fly in a manner similar to a bird with wings that service as a bullet-proof shield.

Note:Upgrades in the wing harness and uniform create greater shielding through a bulletproof Vibranium micro-weave and solid-light hologram wings for greater mobility on land and air.

Redwing: Hunting falcon which shares a psychic rapport with Sam Wilson.

Shield: Near indestructible circular shield composed of a vibranium alloy coating a steel core. Used both offensively and defensively.

Common Enemies

Arnim Zola

Exiles I

Hate Monger I

Hate Monger III

Red Skull

Serpent Society

Serpent Squad

Regularly Appearing

Captain America Vol. 7 & 8

Captain America and the Avengers

First Appearance

Falcon II

Captain America Vol. 1 #117 (Sept. 1969)

Captain America IX

Captain America Vol. 7 #25 (Dec. 2014)

Stan Lee & Gene Colan

Sam Wilson served by the side of Captain America for years as the Falcon.

When the Iron Nail robbed Captain America of his powers and his youth, Steve Rogers passed the title of America's Sentinel of Liberty to his trusted friend; honoring Sam Wilson with the identity of Captain America.

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