Captain Universe
Nick Name
The Hero That Could Be You!!!
Civilian ID's

Raymond Coffin

Micronauts Vol. 1 #8 (1979)

Steve Coffin

Marvel Spotlight #9 (1980)

Ann Stanford

Marvel Spotlight #10 (1981)

Clare Dodgson

Marvel Spotlight #10 (1981)

Monty Walsh

Marvel Spotlight #11 (1981)

Arcturus Rann

Micronauts Vol. 1 #35 (1981)

Dr. Strange II

Micronauts Vol. 1 #35 (1981)

Hulk II

Incredible Hulk An. #10 (1981)

Delayne Masters

Marvel Fanfare Vol. 1 #25 ( 1986)

Dr. Evan Swann

Web of Spider-Man An. #5 (1989)

Spider-Man I

Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 #158 (1989)

Edward Price

Web of Spider-Man An. #6 (1990)


Guardians of the Galaxy #30 (1992)

Elijah Jackson

Marvel Comics Presents #148 (1994)

Roland Taylor

Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5 (1996)

Ted Simmons

Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #13 (2005)

Dr. Gilbert Wiles

Captain Universe/Hulk #1 (2006)

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner

Captain Universe/Hulk #1 (2006)


Captain Universe/Daredevil #1 (2006)


Captain Universe/X-23 #1 (2006)

Invisible Woman

Captain Universe/Invisible Woman #1 (2006)

Gladiator II

Captain Universe/Invisible Woman #1 (2006)


Captain Universe/Silver Surfer #1 (2006)

Silver Surfer

Captain Universe/Silver Surfer #1 (2006)

Gabriel Vargas

Captain Universe/Silver Surfer #1 (2006)

William Nguyen

Amazing Spider-Man #627 (May, 2010)


Amazing Spider-Man #629 (June, 2010)

Tamara Devoux

Avengers Vol. 5 #1 (Feb. 2013)

Peter Parker of Earth-13

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #9(Jan. 2015)

Cosmic Guardian
Legal Status
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
Mobile throughout the universe.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Sentient beings possessed by the "Uni-Power", enabling superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, hypnosis, heightened senses, precognitive perception, flight and an ability to manipulate all forms of matter and energy.

If the sentient possessed by the Uni-Power already possesses superhuman abilities these abilities are amplified in addition to the powers bestowed.

Each recipient is clad in a variant of the Captain Universe uniform with all the knowledge necessary to wield the power.

Note: The Uni-Power is an extra-dimensional force which temporarily possesses sentient beings in times of crisis or jeopardy. How the Uni-Power determines whom to possess is unknown, but once the crisis has passes the power migrates onto another recipient, therefore somewhere someone is always transformed into Captain Universe.


Enigma Force: Extra-dimensional energy from which the Uni-Power is derived.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Captain Universe Vol. 1

Captain Universe/Daredevil

Captain Universe/Hulk

Captain Universe/Invisible Woman

Captain Universe/Silver Surfer

Captain Universe/X-23

Marvel Spotlight

Micronauts Vol. 1

First Appearance
Micronauts Vol. 1 #8 (Aug. 1979)
Bill Mantlo & Michael Golden

By its nature the extra-dimensional Enigma Force is unfathomable. The reason for the manifestation of its surrogate the Uni-Power is just as much a mystery. What is known is that in times of peril or crisis the Uni-Power bestows awesome abilities to those that are transformed into the hero Captain Universe.

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