Colleen Wing
Nick Name
Mean 'Leen
Civilian ID
Colleen Wing

Bail Bondsman


Private Investigator


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States and Japan with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Daughters of the Dragon

Nightwing Restorations

Base of Operations
New York, New York
5' 9"
135 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with mastery of Samurai swordsmanship.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant with skills as a martial artist.

Above average intelligence with skills as a detective.


Katana: Traditional Japanese short-bladed weapon.

Samurai Sword: Traditional Japanese long-bladed weapon.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Daughters of the Dragon

Power Man & Iron Fist

First Appearance
Marvel Premiere #19 (Nov. 1974)
Doug Moench, Larry Hama & Dick Giordano

The daughter of Lee Wing, an Amerasian professor of Oriental studies, and an unnamed Japanese woman, Colleen Wing was raised in the mountains of northern Honshu, Japan by her grandfather Kenji Ozawa, the head of Japan's secret service.

Trained in the warrior arts of the samurai, Wing became superbly skilled. When she became an adult she moved to New York City to be be closer to her father.

While in New York, Wing was saved from a gun battle by police officer Misty Knight. After Knight retired from the police force, following an injury which resulted in her right arm being amputated, Wing helped her friend conquer her psychological injuries.

Eventually the two women formed a private investigation firm - Nightwing Restorations Ltd. and were often allied with the Heroes of Hire, Power Man and Iron Fist. Reputed for their martial arts skills the two female private investigators were dubbed the Daughters of the Dragon.

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