Dynamic Man
Nick Name

Man of the Future

Perfect Man of Today

Civilian ID
Curt Cowan


FBI Agent

Legal Status
Synthetic Human
Nation or Planet of Origin
Presumably the United States or Europe.
Group Affiliation

The Twelve

Base of Operations
New York, New York
6' 3"
250 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Synthetic human with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses, and intelligence; capable of flight, firing electric bolts from his hands, magnetic-field manipulation to repel or attract metal, telepathically control computer systems, and alter his form or appearance at will.

Note: Dynamic Man's only known weakness is to the rare substance known as lantholum.

Common Enemies

The Twelve

Regularly Appearing

Mystic Comics Vol. 1

The Twelve Vol. 1

First Appearance

Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (March, 1940)

Note: Dynamic Man had an imitator with the same name and similar origin story that was published in Dynamic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (Oct. 1941) by Harry "A" Chesler's Dynamic Publications imprint. The character was revived in Project Superpowers #2 (Feb. 2008) by publisher Dynamite Entertainment. Although the original Dynamic Man published by Dynamic Publications had the alias of Bert McQuade, the creators of Project Superpowers chose the alias Curt Cowan, taken from the original character published by Timely Comics, the predecessor to Marvel Comics.

Daniel Peters

Created by Professor Goettler to be the perfect man, his creation was designed and programmed to be without sin, possessing a programming and physiology that contained all of Goettler's bigotries and fears of human intimacy; going so far as to make his perfect human a neuter without genitalia.

Upon the moment of bringing his creation to life, Goettler's excitement caused a heart attack. His father dead, a new life form was born into a world with no knowledge of his true nature. Goettler's creation took the identity of Curt Cowan and used his powers to battle against crime and injustice claiming to be the Perfect Man of Today.

Along with several other costumed heroes, the android was entombed for over half a century. Emerging into a modern world that he found permissive and despicable, he found that he had no place in the modern world, despite his self proclamation as a Man of the Future, the android became a murderous villain, tainting the once heroic vision of the Dynamic Man.

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