Howard the Duck
Nick Name

(The) Drivin' Drake

(The) Feathered Fury

Civilian ID

Howard Theduck


Cheap Ducktective

Dark Mallard of the Night

Dirk Byrd




Ducknight Detective

Howard the Human

Iron Duck


Leonard the Duck

Master of Quak Fu

Mr. Duck


Santa Claus


Son of Satan

Uncle Waddles




Amateur Wrestler

Baby Sitter

Burlesque Show Director

Cab Driver

Computer Salesman

Construction Worker


Folk Singer

Nursing Home Attendant


Poster Child for Duckitis

Private Detective

Repossession Man

United States Presidential Candidate

Video Store Clerk

Legal Status
Citizen of Duckworld with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin

New Stork City, New Stork, Duckworld

Note: Duckworld is a parallel Earth in another dimension.

Group Affiliation

All-Night Party


Circus of Crime


Fearsome Four

Base of Operations

Cleveland, Ohio

New York, New York

2' 7"
40 lbs.
Eye Color
Feather Color
Known Powers

Normal specimen of Duckworld, in that he has the body of a duck, but has arms and hands as opposed to wings, and is thus incapable of flight without artificial means, but is capable of advanced thought, reason and speech.

Possesses normal avian strength, speed and agility for a duck of his age and build who engages in exercise only when necessary. Limited knowledge of the fighting style known as Quack Fu, which is surprisingly formidable in hand-to-hand combat.

Clothing designed to dress a duck.
Common Enemies

Band of the Bland

Circus of Crime

Dr. Bong


Status Quo

Thog the Nether-Spawn

Regularly Appearing

Howard the Duck Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Howard the Duck Magazine

First Appearance
Adventure into Fear #19 (Dec. 1973)

Steve Gerber & Val Mayerik

Note: Steve Gerber sued Cadence Industries, the parent company of his former employer Marvel Comics, in 1980 for copyright infringement, claiming sole ownership of Howard the Duck. The lawsuit against Cadence Industries was settled in 1982 and Gerber surrendered his rights to the character. Soon afterwards, The Walt Disney Company threatened a copyright infringement lawsuit against Marvel, claiming that Howard the Duck's appearance was too similar to that of Donald Duck. Marvel slightly changed the character's design, primarily accomplished by having him wear pants. Almost thirty years later The Walt Disney Corporation purchased Marvel Comics for $4 billion, acquiring ownership of a character library of over 7,000 properties, including Howard the Duck.


Born on Duckworld, a parallel Earth where waterfowl evolved into the dominate sentient life form, Howard was drawn to Earth through a Nexus of All Realities in the Florida Everglades by a shift in the inter-dimensional Cosmic Axis caused by the magic of Thog the Nether-Spawn.

Howard has been unable to return to his home dimension and due to being a talking duck this has lead him to be an unwilling participant in events on Earth dealing with the super-human community. It has been predicted he has a major role in the destiny of the multiverse, but fate is yet to write the final chapter for Howard the Duck.

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