Hulk II

Mr. Joe Fixit

Nick Name
Civilian ID

Robert Bruce Banner


Joe Fixit


Mafia Enforcer

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Dayton, Ohio
Group Affiliation

Fantastic Four

Vegas Mafia

Base of Operations
6' 6"
950 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Skin Tone
Known Powers

Gamma radiation induced mutation resulting in a variety of Hulk manifestations.

All current manifestations of the Hulk possess superhuman strength enabling him to lift in excess of 100 tons. His highest strength levels are obtained when enraged. The Hulk can lift only 70 tons in a calm state. He is also able to leap vast distances, and has demonstrated a powerful healing factor and immunity to harsh environments and all known diseases. The Savage Hulk has shown a capability for sensing ethereal entities such as ghost and astral projections.

Dr. Banner suffers from multiple personality disorder (MPD), due to a traumatic childhood. As a child Banner witnessed the death of his mother at the hands of his father. Each personality manifest as an individual creature, and the variety and number of personalities appear to be limitless.

The first of the three personalities that manifest was the Selfish or Grey Hulk, also known in later years as Mr. Joe Fixit. The Hulk under the alias of Mr. Fixit worked for the Las Vegas mob as an enforcer.

Note: The Grey Hulk exist only due to a coloring problem with Incredible Hulk #1. The color would not print neutral and appeared as purple or black in some panels. The Hulk's color was changed to a more stable green. The Grey Hulk as a character was later resurrected by writer/artist Al Milgrom in Incredible Hulk #324 (Oct. 1986).

The second and most common personality is the Child or Savage Hulk. This personality sways between petulant or violent belligerence to child-like naivety and a desire for acceptance. The Savage Hulk has on occasion been controlled by the mind of Dr. Banner, but his anger would eventually lead to the Savage Hulk's personality gaining dominance.

The third personality was once believed to be an amalgamation of the first two controlled by the rationality of Dr. Banner. Although similar in personality, Professor Hulk has traits that are independent to the first two manifestations and Dr. Banner. In cases of uncontrolled rage Professor Hulk reverts back to Dr. Banner, but with the Savage Hulk's personality. This has been explained as a sub-conscious safety measure.

Dr. Banner and Professor Hulk possess an above average intelligence and an aptitude in a wide variety of sciences, especially physics and chemistry.

The least common Hulk manifestations are the Maestro and the Devil-Hulk.

The Maestro is a future version of the Professor Hulk personality. This possible version is a cruel dictator that has subjugated most of the world.

The Devil-Hulk is the expression of Dr. Banner's purest rage and hatred, his suppressed id. The Devil-Hulk has a striking resemblance to Dr. Banner's childhood perceptions of his abusive father.

Note: Dr. Banner's transformation into the Hulk was initially triggered by the onset of night. During times of emergency he would trigger the transformation by exposing himself to additional doses of Gamma Radiation. These additional exposures appear to be responsible for his transformation being triggered by stress as opposed to the phases of the day.

Custom weapons that resemble 1930's era mobster weapons.
Common Enemies

Thing II

Regularly Appearing

Incredible Hulk Vol. 1

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #347 (Sept, 1988)
Peter David & Jeff Purves

Dr. Bruce Banner was supervising the experimental trials of the gamma bomb for the U.S. military, when he halted the test to rescue Rick Jones, a reckless teenager who had driven onto the desert testing field on a dare.

A Soviet spy, Igor Drenkov, seeking to eliminate Dr. Banner and steal his gamma radiation secrets, detonated the bomb. Banner managed to save Jones by pushing him into a blast ditch, but he wasn't so lucky. Struck full-force by the gamma bomb, Banner survived but was irradiated by the otherwise deadly gamma energy, transforming him into the brutish Hulk.

After Banner's original gray-skinned manifestation returned, and he was assumed dead after a plot by the Leader failed to kill him, the Hulk sought refuge by going underground as a secret enforcer for the Las Vegas mafia, assuming for a time the identity of Mr. Fixit.

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