Humus Sapien
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Sonny Baredo
Earth Elemental
Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Group Affiliation
Factor Three
Base of Operations
Mount Charteris, Colorado
6' 1"
395 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Grey
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in a being composed of flesh, plant matter and soil sediment attuned to the Earth's geospatial biofield and drawing his power from living humans; capable of controlling vegetative life, cause earth tremors and repulse or deconstruct non-organic matter such as synthetics or plastics at an atomic level.

Note: Humus Sapien's ability to draw power from random living beings is involuntary, and results in the death of those he draws his power from.

Common Enemies

Factor Three


Regularly Appearing
Thunderbolts Vol. 1
First Appearance


Thunderbolts Vol. 1 #53 (Aug. 2001)


Thunderbolts Vol. 1 #54 (Sept. 2001)

Note: Character first draft appeared in F.O.O.M.! Magazine #3 (Fall, 1973).


Michael Barreiro

Note: The character of Humus Sapien was created by Michael Barreiro as his entry into a contest presented through F.O.O.M., a fan magazine published by Marvel, to select a new villain to be published in Giant Size X-Men #1 (Summer, 1975) - but he never appeared.


After the mysterious death of Sonny Baredo's family, he was placed in foster care while Professor X attempted to get custody of the young mutant.

Abducted and experimented upon by the mutant terrorist group Factor Three, he was deemed to dangerous, and was hidden in status for decades, cared for by the technician Ogre.

Released by the arrogance of the Fixer, his birth from stasis containment resulted in the random deaths of over 2000 people worldwide. Faced with the choice of causing countless other deaths or exile, he chose exile within a realm unknown, to live separated from the Earth that calls in pain to the Humus Sapien.

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