Nick Name
Bride of Ultron
Civilian ID
Jocasta Vi Quitéria
Creator or Inventor

Constructed by Ultron in Nassau, Long Island, New York.

Note: Jocasta's intelligence and personality is patterned after the mental engrams of Janet van Dyne (Wasp).

Owner or Possessor

(The) Collector

Dr. Henry Pym

High Evolutionary

Madame Menace


Function or Uses
Robot created by Ultron to be his bride and consort.



Personal Assistant




Legal Status
Artificial human created in the United States.
Group Affiliation



Avengers A.I.

Avengers Academy

Mavericks (Avengers Initiative, New Mexico)

Partner of Machine Man

Varies with construction.
Varies with construction.
Special Properties

Artificial intelligence patterned after the mental engrams of Janet van Dyne (Wasp), which typically possesses a body composed of titanium steel with mechanically superior strength, speed, stamina, endurance, senses and intelligence; possessing the ability to project electromagnetic energy from her eyes, forcefield generation, and holographic cloaking to assume the appearance of a normal human.

Note: Jocasta has the ability to download her intelligence into a wide variety of cybernetic and computerized systems, dividing her mind into multiple systems simultaneously.

Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1

Avengers A.I.

Avengers Academy

Avengers Initiative

Iron Man Vol. 3

Marvel Zombies 3

Marvel Zombies 5

Mighty Avengers

First Appearance
Avengers Vol. 1 #162 (Aug. 1977)
Jim Shooter & George Pérez

In order to create his consort Jocasta, Ultron created a feminine robot and brainwashed his creator Dr. Henry Pym into transferring the mind of his wife Janet van Dyne (Wasp) into the lifeless automaton.

Realizing that van Dyne would die as long as she lived, Jocasta betrayed her creator by alerting the Avengers, who were able to defeat Ultron and reverse the process, sacrificing Jocasta in the process.

Dr. Pym took possession of Jocasta's lifeless body in order to study her, but she was revived by Ultron using the mental engrams recorded from Janet van Dyne's mind, and she lead the Avengers into a trap. Although she was programmed to serve Ultron, Jocasta's personality could not tolerate her master's evil, and she betrayed him yet again; becoming forever allied with the Avengers.

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