Lucy In The Sky
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Karolina Dean
Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Hollywood, California
Group Affiliation


Base of Operations
Hollywood, California
5' 9"
115 lbs.
Eye Color


Luminous spectrum when in her natural state.

Hair Color


Luminous spectrum when in her natural state.

Known Powers

Alien being whose natural state is luminescence, capable of channeling solar energies through the hands as force blast and focusing the same energies though her body as a means of flight.

Note: To suppress her natural luminescence Lucy In The Sky must wear a dampening mechanism disguised as a medical alert bracelet.

Although Karolina Dean was born on Earth her parents were criminal exiles from the planet Majesdane.


Luminescence Dampener: Device disguised as a medical alert bracelet used to suppress innate abilities and luminescence.

Common Enemies
(The) Pride
Regularly Appearing

Runaways Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance
Runaways Vol. 1 #1 (July, 2003)
Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona

One of six west-coast teenagers living relatively happy and normal lives, Karolina Dean had a wonderful relationship with her parents, until she along with other teens discovered that their parents were members of a super-villain group called the Pride.

After witnessing the sacrificial murder of a teen girl, Dean resolved to make her parents pay for their crimes.

Dean and the other teens went looking for evidence to convict their parents. In Dean's home the last will and testament of her father was found containing a picture of the medical staff of Asclepius covered with the universal NO symbol. When she removed her medical alert bracelet she discovered that she had unusual powers of luminescence and an ability to fly. Taking her codename from the Beatles' song she dubbed herself Lucy in the Sky.

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