Nick Name
Civilian ID

Allison Crestmere


Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla



Mutant Rights Activist



Legal Status
Subject of Great Britain with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation


New Mutants

Base of Operations

Nova Roma, Brazil

Xavier Institute, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York

5' 6"
130 lbs.
Eye Color
Brown, flame when superheated.
Hair Color
Blond, flame when superheated.
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in an ability to control planetary tectonic plates causing earth quakes and small volcanoes. Abilities include the manufacture and control of heat, and conversion of earth mass into molten lava and directing that lava through the body in the form of superheated projectiles. Powers are dependent on direct or indirect contact with a planet's surface.

When using her abilities at full power Magma's body assumes an intensely bright, superheated form. She appears to be immune to heat in both her normal and superheated form, and immune to the bright light of her own superheated form.

Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant with swordsmanship skills.

Costume composed of unstable molecules to avoid ignition while using powers.
Common Enemies
Black Queen II
Regularly Appearing
New Mutants Vol. 1 & 2
First Appearance
New Mutants Vol. 1 #8 (Oct. 1983)
Chris Claremont & Sal Buscema

The daughter of the British Ambassador to Brazil, Allison Crestmere was abducted and brainwashed along with thousands of others by the immortal mutant sorceress Selene ( Black Queen II); who desired to recreate an ancient Roman society in the Amazon jungle called Nova Roma.

Crestmere was convinced that she was Amara Aquilla the daughter of the First Senator of Nova Roma, a hidden city in the Amazon jungle, founded by colonist fleeing the tyranny of imperial Rome in the First Century B.C.E. Over the centuries the citizens of Nova Roma supposedly intermarried with the native Incas.

Crestmere came into contact with the New Mutants, who were on an expedition in the Amazon. Both Crestmere and the mutants were captured and imprisoned by imperial forces of Nova Roma.

Selene sacrificed Crestmere by having her plunged into a pit of molten lava, but rather than killing the young woman, the lava activated her latent mutation. Along with the New Mutants, Crestmere helped defeat the Selene and overthrow her forces.

Unaware of the deception perpetrated upon them Senator Aquilla sent his daughter to the United States with her new allies in the New Mutants to learn about the outside world, where she assumed the identity of Magma.

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