Nick Name
The Celestial Madonna
Civilian ID
Mandy Celestine



Celestial Madonna

Legal Status
Expatriate of Vietnam, granted visa to the United States of America via the Avengers.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Unknown village in Vietnam
Group Affiliation


Guardians of the Galaxy

Base of Operations
Mobile throughout the galaxy.
5' 6"
115 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Cosmically enhanced human with telepathic precognitive ability enabling limited sight into the future, pyrokinesis and the ability to communicate empathically with all living things.

Capable of transferring her physical presence to any planet with plant life through cosmic mental transfer.

Trained by the Kree Priests of Pama to have total control of her body and mastery of a martial art developed over thousands of years.

Common Enemies

Kang the Conqueror



Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1

Silver Surfer Vol. 3

First Appearance
Avengers Vol. 1 #112 (June, 1973)
Steve Englehart & Don Heck

The daughter of Gustav Brandt, a German mercenary and his wife Lua, the sister of a criminal leader named Khrull, the couple were forced to into hiding for fear of being killed by Lua's brother who was displeased his sister married a European.

The couple settled in a remote village, but remained in hiding after their daughter was born. Eventually they were found by Khrull's henchmen, which set their home ablaze with flamethrowers. Lua died, and Gustav was burned and blinded. He managed to escape with his infant daughter fleeing to a temple of the Priest of Pama, a pacifist sect of the humanoid alien Kree, who established temples on different worlds to escape persecution by their militant home world.

Brandt was separated from his daughter by the priest to raise her in a pacifist manner. The priest also attempted to train the mercenary, but succeeded only in teaching him to see psychically. Brandt would later leave the order and join the criminal cartel known as Zodiac under the name Libra.

The priest continued to educate the young girl after her father fled, knowing she may be destined to become the Celestial Madonna, the woman who would mother the Celestial Messiah, a genetically perfect being of great power that would bring peace to the universe. She proved to be adept at the practices of the priest, especially the pacifists' marital arts. Her skill in defeating male opponents earned her the name Mantis.

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