Captain Marvel V

Marvel Boy V


Nick Name
Bug Boy
Civilian ID


Extra-Dimensional Space Explorer

Legal Status

Suject of Kree empire of an alternate reality, wanted by the United States government and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Kree home world in a parallel dimension.
Group Affiliation


Dark Avengers

Kree Empire

Young Avengers

Base of Operations
5' 10"
165 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Genetically altered extra-dimensional alien with insect traits enabling enhanced strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, lateral abilities (climb walls) and limited mind control via biological infection via body fluids containing nano-technology enabling physical growth at will.


Kree military technology

Nega-Bands: Wrist worn devices capable of converting psionic energy and displacing mass.

Plex: Supreme intelligence system programmable piezoplasm housing that contains the accumulated wisdom-base of the entire Kree race.

Common Enemies

Dr. Midas


Regularly Appearing
Marvel Boy Vol. 2
First Appearance
Marvel Boy Vol. 2 #1 (Aug. 2000)
Grant Morrison & J. G. Jones

Noh-Varr was a soldier assigned to the dimension-hopping 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. Lost among the various parallel realities of the multiverse and searching for a way home, he and his crew mates aboard the dimension-schooner Marvel arrived at this reality's Earth.

The multi-trillionaire Dr. Midas seeking to acquire new technology as a means of achieving transformation through cosmic radiation, in a manner similar to the Fantastic Four; saw the Marvel and her crew as resources to exploit and ordered the schooner attacked.

The Marvel's sole survivor, Noh-Varr was taken prisoner by Dr. Midas to be dissected and cataloged, along with his ship's remains. Using his ability to control minds through organic infection, Noh-Var retrieved what he could of his ship's remains and fled, going to ground under New York City's Times Square. Midas resolved to retrieve his "property."

Defeating Dr. Midas, Noh-Varr has declared war on the Earth to avenge his comrades' deaths.

While incarcerated, Noh-Varr is convinced by Earth's senior heroes within the Illuminati to forgo his quest of vengeance and adopt the mantel of a protector, first claiming the mantel of Captain Marvel, and later assuming the name of Protector.

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