Marvel Girl II
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Valerie Von Doom



Legal Status
Citizen of Latveria of an alternate dimension.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Antikva Vilago, Latveria
Group Affiliation

Fantastic Four

Generation X

Base of Operations
Pier Four, New York, New York
5' 5"
110 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Mutation due to mother being exposed to Cosmic Radiation enabling the formation and control of invisible force fields as well as travel through time and space.

Genius level intelligence.


Boots and Gauntlets: Foot and hand wear that augments the wearer's strength and speed, apparently designed by Dr. Doom in an alternate reality.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing
Fantastic Four Vol. 3
First Appearance
Fantastic Four Vol. 3 #20 (Aug. 1999)
Chris Claremont & Salvador Larocca

Valeria Richards, the second child of Reed and Sue Richards (Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman) was conceived in the pocket dimension known as the Negative Zone. When she was being born Valeria began to emit deadly radiation that threatened both herself and her mother. Despite the efforts of some of Earth's greatest scientists the girl was stillborn.

The Richards' son Franklin grieved deeply for his lost sister and guided by the Ominversal Guardian Roma, he secretly used his vast psionic powers to travel back in time to save his sister, taking her from their native reality to an alternate future where she was raised by another Invisible Woman and a heroic Dr. Doom (who may have been her father Reed Richards).

As Valeria matured her mutant powers began to develop; including an ability to travel through time and dimensions as Marvel Girl. Eventually her power would accidentally bring her into contact with her native dimension and the Fantastic Four. Although at first suspicious of the teen girl the team grew to accept her as a family member.

In later events, the absence of the astro-god Galactus gave rise to a new nihilistic entity known as Abraxas - filling the vacuum in the universal order. Abraxas sought out the Ultimate Nullifier to erase reality. Valeria and Franklin used their combined psionic powers to resurrect Galactus, who placed the nullifier into the hands of Mr. Fantastic, who used it to obliterate Abraxas and reset reality, depleting Franklin's cosmic powers and reverting Valeria to an unborn child within her mother's womb.

Eventually Valeria would be brought to term, and because of the danger involved was delivered with the assistance of Dr. Doom who used a combination of science and sorcery, but not without an ulterior motive to use the child to destroy her family.

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