Goblin Princess

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Meggan Braddock
Legal Status
Subject of the United Kingdom with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Near Fenborough Station, London, England
Group Affiliation

Court of Otherworld


Base of Operations
5' 7" - Varies
120 lbs. - Varies
Eye Color
Blue - Varies
Hair Color
Blond - Varies
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in an ability to change physical form depending upon her mood. Powers to change shape and mass, increase strength, fly, project force blast and manipulate the elements.

Note: Meggan's mutation draws upon the Earth for her powers and can be corrupted by dark magic or emotions.

Meggan is not a fairy, although her powers appear to have mystical qualities.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Captain Britain Vol. 2

Captain Britain and MI: 13 Vol. 1

Excalibur Vol. 1

First Appearance
Mighty World of Marvel Vol. 1 #7 (Dec. 1983)
Alan Moore & Alan Davis

Born near a rail station to a transient family of Roma Gypsies during a blizzard, the child named Meggan adapted to the cold by growing fur. Her family believed the child to be a monster and their negative emotions caused her empathic metamorphic powers to make her look more monstrous. Hidden away in their trailer, Meggan learned via television.

When the lunatic Mad Jim Jaspers used his reality altering powers to turn Britain into a fascist state were superhumans were hunted, Meggan joined forces with Captain Britain to defeat his brother. In time Meggan grew to love Captain Britain and eventually her desires transformed her from the form of a monster into a stunning woman of beauty.

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