Moon Knight
Nick Name

Crescent Crusader

Fist of Khonshu

Lunar Legionnaire

Moon's Knight of Vengeance

Civilian ID

Marc Spector


Jake Lockley

Steven Grant



Cab Driver

Marine Commando


Prize Fighter

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Chicago, Illinois
Group Affiliation


Marvel Knights

Base of Operations
Grant Mansion, Long Island, New York
6' 2"
225 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with above average strength and athleticism for a man of his age with excellent hand-to-hand combat skills trained as a Marine commando granted the gift of superhuman strength by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu when the moon is full.


Ankh: Mystical device shaped like a cross which glows when mortal danger is posed to the wearer. The device can also be used as a throwing club or bludgeon.

Moon Knight Helicopter: Short-range stealth helicopter used as transportation or pursuit, equipped with surveillance and radio equipment for the pilot to communicate with Moon Knight through a transmitter in his uniform's cowl.

Moon Knight Uniform: Kevlar lined uniform equipped with a utility belt containing an array of offensive and defensive weapons and a cape that can be used as a makeshift parachute.

Scarab Darts: Custom made throwing darts used in an offensive manner.

Truncheon: Short fighting stick convertible into nunchaku (short fighting sticks connected by a chain) equipped with a cabled grappling hook.

Other weapons include an ivory boomerang graven with Egyptian Hieroglyphic protective charms, protective wristbands, throwing irons and an axe-shaped lasso-grapple.

Common Enemies


Black Spectre II


(The) Committee

Hobgoblin III

Midnight II

Midnight Man


White Dragon

Regularly Appearing

Marvel Knights Vol. 1

Moon Knight Vol. 1 - 6

Vengeance of the Moon Knight

Werewolf by Night

West Coast Avengers

First Appearance
Werewolf by Night #32 (Aug. 1975)
Doug Moench & Don Perlin

Rejecting his father rabbinical teachings, Marc Spector craved material possessions and resolved to use his physical talents to gain them.

After a stint as a heavy-weight boxer, Spector joined the Marines with the goal of eventually becoming a mercenary. Joining with the mercenary leader Roaul Bushman, Spector fought in conflicts throughout the third world.

When Bushman brutally murdered an archaeologist during the robbery of ancient treasures, Spector challenged his commander. Bested by Bushman and beaten near to death, Spector is left to the dessert scavengers.

Staggering towards civilization, Spector collapsed a short distance from the archaeological site. Discovered by adherents of an ancient Egyptian religion, his dead body was lay before the statue of the moon god Khonshu. Resurrected, Spector became the moon god's agent of vengeance known as the Moon Knight.

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