Captain Marvel V

Ms. Marvel I

Warbird I

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Car-Ell "Carol" Susan Jane Danvers


Air Force Officer


Espionage Agent

Homeland Security Liaison


NASA Security Chief

Newspaper Columnist

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Boston, Massachusetts
Group Affiliation




Secret Defenders




Base of Operations

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Shi'ar Galaxy

New York, New York

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

5' 11"
125 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Human/Kree hybrid with latent abilities activated by various extraterrestrial technologies granting superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, flight, energy absorption and projection and a limited clairvoyance.

Excellent hand-to-hand combat skills with military and espionage training.

Above average intelligence with skills as an espionage agent, military aviator and journalist. Possesses extensive knowledge of Kree language, science, technology and culture; as well as knowledge of various other alien species.

Note: Danver's abilities have been augmented and depleted to varying degrees over the years, but her potential for superhuman abilities always exist because her human/alien genetic structure.

Common Enemies


(The) Brood


Marcus Immortus






Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1 & 3

Avengers World

Captain Marvel Vol. 1 & 7

Iron Man Vol. 3

Life of Captain Marvel Vol. 1

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

Quasar Vol. 1

Uncanny X-Men

First Appearance

Carol Danvers

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1 #13 (March, 1968)

Ms. Marvel I

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #1 (Jan. 1977)


Uncanny X-Men #164 (Dec. 1982)


Avengers Vol. 3 #4 (May, 1998)

Captain Marvel V

Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #1 (Sept. 2012)


Carol Danvers

Roy Thomas & Gene Colan

Ms. Marvel I

Gerry Conway & John Buscema


Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum


Kurt Busiek & George Pérez

Captain Marvel V

Kelly Sue DeConnick & Dexter Soy


A member of the Kree Empress' honor guard, Mari-Ell was given the mission to infiltrate Earth. Crash landing near Boston, Massachusetts; Mari-Ell went undercover as "Marie." Meeting Joesph Danvers, Marie fell in love with him and humanity, eventually revealing her alien origin. The couple marry and have three children, but never reveal their mother's secret to Steven, Joesph Jr. and Carol.

Carol Danvers excelled in her United States Air Force career and eventually became a trusted espionage agent. After retiring from a career of espionage she became the security chief at NASA's Cape Canaveral facilities. It was during this time she met the Dr. Walter Lawson, who was secretly the Kree spy Captain Mar-Vell.

It was during a battle between Captain Marvel and his superior officer and rival Yon-Rogg, that Danvers was exposed to an unknown radiation by the Kree Psyche-Magnitron. The extraterrestrial radiation activated Danvers' human/Kree biology enabling her superhuman abilities, which she used to fight against injustice as Ms. Marvel.

Eventually Danvers was betrayed by the mutant terrorist known as Mystique, who had her protégé Rogue use her abilities to rob Ms. Marvel of her powers. In addition to draining her powers, Rogue's ability also robbed Danvers of her memories. With the intervention of Professor Xavier, she was able to regain her memories, but not the emotional bonds linked to those memories.

During an adventure in space with the X-Men, Danvers was subjected to involuntary testing by the alien insects known as the Brood. The test had the side effect of reactivating and boosting Danvers abilities to levels comparable to the Silver Surfer. Danvers decided to remain in space with a group known as the Starjammers, assuming the name Binary.

Eventually Danvers would return to Earth in an attempt to reconcile her relationships with friends, family and teammates. She would rejoin the ranks of the Avengers, assuming an identity that paid homage to her career as a military aviator, for a time calling herself Warbird.

With the encouragement of fellow Avengers, Captain America, Danvers would fully assume the legacy and the title of Captain Marvel.

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