Namora I
Nick Name
Avenging Daughter
Civilian ID
Aquaria Nautica Neptunia


Queen of Atlantis

Legal Status

Member of the royal family of Atlantis with no criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Maritanis, North Atlantic Ocean
Group Affiliation

Agents of Atlas

All-Winners Squadron

Monster Hunters

Base of Operations

Atlantis, North Atlantic Ocean


5' 11"
190 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Human/Atlantian hybrid resulting in a mutation enabling superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and amphibian traits enabling breath both above and below water.

Note: Although Namora was born with blue skin, like the majority of Atlantian, her complexion eventually faded to a Caucasian tone.

Due to the process used to clone her daughter, Namora's genetics have an apparent instability which results in certain traits becoming dominant and then later fading. One such incident involved the sprouting and eventual lose of her ankle wings.

Note: Prolonged periods out of water leave Namorita at about half her normal strength. Due to her hybrid physiology it is possible her mental faculties become erratic if she does not spend equal time on land and in the ocean. Normal Atlantians are unable to survive outside of the ocean for prolonged periods of time.

Common Enemies


Dr. Macabre


Mummy Men of Tut-Ak-Mun


Regularly Appearing

Agents of Atlas

Marvel Mystery Comics


Sub-Mariner Vol. 1

First Appearance
Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (May, 1947)
Ken Bald & Syd Shores

Like her cousin Namor, Aquaria Nautica Neptunia was born of an Atlantian woman and a human man - which resulted in her super-human mutation. She had contact with her cousin as a child, but soon moved with her father from the capital city of Atlantis to the outpost of Maritanis.

Years later the city of Maritanis was destroyed by a criminal gang utilizing nuclear torpedoes. The sole surviving and severely injured Neptunia was discovered by her cousin Namor, who nursed her back to health. Desiring revenge on those that destroyed her home and family Neptunia dubbed her self the avenging daughter - Namora.

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