Outlaw Kid
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Lance Temple


Former Soldier


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States of the 19th Century with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States of the 19th Century.
Group Affiliation


Base of Operations
Caliber City
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with skills as a horseman, roper and marksman.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant.


Weapons typical of the American south-west during the 19th Century.

Thunder: Horse used as transportation.

Common Enemies
Red Vest Gang
Regularly Appearing

Blaze of Glory

Outlaw Kid Vol. 1 & 2

Western Gunfighters

First Appearance
Outlaw Kid Vol. 1 #1 (Sept. 1954)
Doug Wildey

After military service in the Civil War, attorney Lance Temple and his father "Hoot" headed west to start a new life. When the duo was assaulted by bandits, a keg of dynamite exploded in the battle; blinding Hoot. Lance Temple vowed revenge, but was discouraged by his father from using violence as a means of justice.

Overtaken with a thirst for vengeance, Temple donned the garb of an outlaw to keep his identity a secret from both enemies, friends and family alike - but in time his father discovered the secret and the shock caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack. Unhinged by the death of his father, Temple's mind fractured into two distinct personalities that of the peaceful attorney and that of the outlaw vigilante he blames for the death of his father - the Outlaw Kid.

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