Professor X
Nick Name
The Good Sheppard
Civilian ID
Dr. Charles Francis Xavier



Headmaster of Xavier Institute

Leader of the X-Men

Mutant Rights Activist



Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
New York, New York
Group Affiliation

Brotherhood of Mutants

Cadre K

Excalibur II


New Mutants



Base of Operations
Xavier Institute, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York
190 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Bald - Blond as a child.
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in vast psionic abilities to induce illusions, temporary mental or physical paralysis, loss of specific memories, or total amnesia, project mind-numbing mental bolts, and sense the presence of mutants within a small radius. Limited telekinesis. Ability to travel across vast distances via mental astral projection.

Note: Xavier is paralyzed below the waist and is unable to walk under normal physical circumstances. Ability to detect other mutants is augmented by the mutant detection systems Cerebro and Cerebra.


Resources of the Xavier Institute and the Xavier Corporation

Cerebra: Long range mutant detecting system capable of detecting the brain patterns of mutants at any place on Earth.

Cerebro: Short range mutant detecting system.

Wheelchair: Transportation necessitated by paraplegic condition.

Common Enemies



Brotherhood of Mutants

Cassandra Nova

Dark Phoenix

Hellfire Club



Magneto I

Master Mold

Mr. Sinister








Silver Samurai




Regularly Appearing

Excalibur Vol. 2

Professor Xavier and the X-Men

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1

X-Men Vol. 2

First Appearance
X-Men Vol. 1 #1 (Sept. 1963)
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

The son of nuclear researcher Brian Xavier and his wife, Sharon, Charles' telepathic powers began to emerge when he was still a boy. Following her husband's accidental death, Sharon married Brian's colleague, Dr. Kurt Marko. Cain, Kurt's son by a previous marriage, came to live at the Xaviers' Westchester mansion shortly thereafter. A cruel and spiteful boy, Cain bullied his new stepbrother. As punishment, his father secretly beat him, exposing the young mutant's untrained mind to the experience of his sibling's pain firsthand. As he grew older, Xavier learned to control his burgeoning powers.Enrolling in the graduate-studies program at Oxford University, Xavier met and fell in love with a young Scotswoman named Moira Kinross. Of all their classmates, Charles and Moira were the only ones who understood the ultimate implications of genetic mutation. Their passionate discussions on the subject gave way to an equally passionate romantic relationship, and the two planned to be married. Standing in their way was Moira's former boyfriend, Joe MacTaggert, a lance corporal in the Royal Marines -- a bully and thug, just like Cain. In MacTaggert's eyes, Xavier was an effete, good-for-nothing intellectual. To prove him wrong and validate himself to his rival in terms that he would understand, Xavier enlisted in the military after completing his studies at Oxford.

His first day in combat, he thought he would go mad. Nothing could have prepared him for the mental horrors he would experience as his fellow soldiers were maimed and killed around him. Somehow finding a way to cope, Xavier became something of a legend in the area of search and rescue, being able to secretly use his power to pinpoint lost soldiers.

Crushed when Moira broke off their engagement without explanation, Xavier traveled abroad after leaving the Army. While in Cairo, Egypt, he clashed with Amahl Farouk (Shadow King), a mutant capable of summoning forth the darkness in the souls of others. This confrontation led to Xavier's decision to devote his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants bent on world domination and safeguarding innocent mutants from human oppression.

Traveling to Israel, Xavier fell in love with an Israeli diplomat named Gabrielle Haller. Also, he befriended fellow drifter Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, the mutant who would become his greatest enemy and rival; the genetic terrorist known as Magneto, Master of Magnetism. Xavier espoused his optimistic belief that Homo sapiens and Homo superior could coexist, but Lehnsherr foresaw mutants as the new minority to be persecuted and hunted because of their differences.

Leaving Israel for London Xavier was unaware that Haller was pregnant with his son. Only years later did he learn of his connection to the psionically powered mutant known as Legion. While in London, he renewed his friendship with Moira, who had became a renowned geneticist after marrying Joe MacTaggert. The two began to discuss the idea of founding a school for mutants at his estate in New York state. En route to the United States, Xavier encountered an alien scout calling himself Lucifer. The altercation with the alien left Xavier's legs crippled.

Returning to his ancestral home Xavier began to establish his institute for gifted children. His first student was a young Jean Grey, who had been traumatized by the dying thought of her best friend. After his success with Grey he began to locate young mutants, enrolling them in his school. The first of his students: Cyclops, Angel, Beast & Iceman would join his first student Marvel Girl as the X-Men. In time his charges would be supplemented by new groups of students to fulfill the dream of mutants and humans living together in peace and harmony, the dream of Professor X.

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