Sasquatch I
Nick Name
Civilian ID

Walter Langkowski


Wanda Langkowski

Note: While inhabiting the Sasquatch form of the goddess Snowbird, Langkowski's human form was female.



Former Pro Football Player

Physics Professor

Legal Status
Citizen of Canada with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Vancouver, British Columbia
Group Affiliation

Alpha Flight

Beta Flight

Gamma Flight

Howling Commandos II

Base of Operations
Vancouver, British Columbia

Langkowski: 6' 4"

Sasquatch I: 10'


Langkowski: 245 lbs.

Sasquatch I: 2000 lbs.

Eye Color

Langkowski: Blue

Sasquatch I: Red

Hair Color

Langkowski: Blond

Sasquatch I: Dark Orange or White

Known Powers

Mystical ability to access at will the powers of the god-like beast Tanaraq, granting superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability and senses.

Sasquatch possess superhuman strength enabling him to lift approximately 70 tons and leap vast distances.

Warm coat of fur gives additional resistance to cold environments, but is uncomfortable in hot environments.

Genius level intelligence with skills as a physicist.

Well trained athlete with above average strength in his human form.

Note: Dr. Langkowski initially believed that his transformations were triggered by gamma radiation, but it was discovered that his gamma-ray experiments weakened a mystical barrier separating Earth from the dimension of the Great Beasts, creating a link with Tanaraq.

Common Enemies
Great Beasts
Regularly Appearing

Alpha Flight Vol. 1 & 3

Uncanny X-Men

First Appearance
X-Men Vol. 1 #120 (June, 1974)
Chris Claremont & John Byrne

Possessing both brains and athletic abilities, Walter Langkowski attended Pennsylvania State University on a football scholarship, where he met and was influenced by fellow student Bruce Banner (Hulk II).

After Banner's transformations into the hulk became publicized, Langkowski retired from his career as a professional football player, focusing his studies and fortune on gamma radiation research.

With funding from Canada's superhuman research division known as Department H, Langkowski constructed a means of generating gamma radiation in a controlled environment. Exposing himself to gamma radiation Langkowski transformed into savage beast of legend. After his rampage, Langkowski was discovered by Snowbird, who being a shapeshifter herself taught him to control his transformations into Sasquatch.

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