Scarlet Spider II
Nick Name
Spider-Man's Clone
Civilian ID


Note: Kaine is a clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man I)

Legal Status

Clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man I)

Nation or Planet of Origin
New York, New York
Group Affiliation

New Warriors

Base of Operations

Houston, Texas

New York, New York

6' 5"
250 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Clone of a human mutated by a radioactive spider bite; enabling the proportional strength, speed, agility and stamina of a spider including the ability to stick to most surfaces and a precognitive sixth-sense "spider-sense" warning of danger.

Aside from Spider-Man's usual power set, Kaine has retractable stingers that protrude from the top of his hands, is able to genetically create his own webbing from spinnerets in his forearms, and has the ability to communicate with spiders via a psychic link.

Note: Due to genetic manipulation of the clone by his creator Dr. Miles Warren (Jackal), Kaine's DNA is unstable and his appearance and powers have fluctuated over his lifetime; granting him a heightened precognitive ability to see flashes of the future, and acidic excretions from his hands that he would use to mark the faces of his victims.


Spider-Man Stealth Suit: Uniform capable of warping light to cloak the wearer from being seen.

Common Enemies


Spider-Man I

Spider Queen

Regularly Appearing

New Warriors Vol. 5

Scarlet Spider Vol. 2

First Appearance


Web of Spider-Man #119 (Dec. 1994)

Scarlet Spider II

Scarlet Spider Vol. 2 #1 (March, 2012)



Terry Kavanagh & Steven Butler

Scarlet Spider II

Chris Yost & Ryan Stegman


Dr. Miles Warren's (Jackal) first attempt to clone Peter Parker (Spider-Man I) was genetically flawed and erratic both physically and psychologically. Staying mostly below the radar for many years the clone assumed the identity of Kaine

The Jackal's second attempt at cloning Parker, resulted in a perfect genetic twin; who would later assume the identity of Ben Reilly (Spider-Man II), but the Jackal's plan of revenge against Spider-Man failed. When Jackal resurfaces years later many of his manipulations come to light, and Kaine returns to seek vengeance and bring about the end his "father's" Clone Saga.

After the events of Spider-Island, Kaine was further mutated by the Jackal turning him into the Tarantula, but Kaine was eventually cured of his erratic mutations and his physiology stabilized making his powers similar to his progenitor, Spider-Man.

Seeking to path to redemption, Kaine assumed the identity to honor his genetic brothers by becoming the Scarlet Spider

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